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Eprint Proceedings

An eprint proceeding is simply an html page that lists the titles, authors, and eprint archive numbers, appropriately linked. This is a simple but perfectly satisfactory way to provide a permantly archived record of your conference proceedings.

Eprint Proceedings Preparation

The conference proceeding editors provide guidelines to participating authors instructing them on template use and how to submit final proceedings articles as eprints (PostScript or PDF) to the eprint arXiv.  These files can be created by using either the eprint templates  provided below, or templates designed by the conference organizers. Once accepted by the eprint arXiv, the authors provide the conference editors with their eprint number. 

Note: The conference proceeding editors may still edit papers by asking the authors to make changes and resubmit their submissions to the eprint arXiv.

Once all of the eprint-numbered papers have been accepted for inclusion, the conference editors create two html pages (See the Web templates below). First, a conference proceeding title page and second, a proceedings table of contents page which lists the titles, authors, and corresponding eprint arXiv numbers. These html pages, plus any additional html pages (and graphics) that give basic information about the conference comprise the submission package. At this point, the conference editors need to notify eConf that the proceedings are ready for archiving.

Eprint Templates

Article templates, a macro package, and Web templates are provided below, if you choose to use them. Because the articles are submitted directly to the eprint arXiv, the format and platform is immaterial, but templates may help create a more consistent look and feel across all papers in the proceedings.

bulletProceedings Macro Packages

bulletWeb Templates
bullet eConf_template.css

bulletProceedings Templates
conftemplate_one.doc (Word, One Column format) 
bulletconftemplate_two.doc (Word, Two Column format)

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