IWAA SLAC eConf C1610034  edited by G. Gassner, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory

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Workshop Opening
Rudolf Dimper The Extremely Brilliant Source project - Project Overview [ TALK ]

Session 1: Machines, Beam Lines, Experiments and Detectors (1)
Virgil Bocean Geodetic and Alignment Concepts for Proton Improvement Plan-II at Fermilab [ TALK ]
Jiandong Yuan Alignment for Cryomodule of Injector II in China ADS [ TALK ]
Andrea Paoli Geodetic Reference Frame for the Virgo Interferometer [ TALK ] [ PDF ]
Horst Friedsam Alignment Aspects of the Mu2e Magnetic Field Mapping System [ TALK ]
Jean-Frederic Fuchs Status and Experience with the Alignment of LINAC4 [ TALK ] [ PDF ]

Session 2: Instrumentation, Software and Methods (1)
Antje Behrens Evaluation of Streched Wire Measurement Based on Photogrammetry in the Context of CERN [ TALK ] [ PDF ]
Patrick Bestmann Hydrostatic Levelling System Going Mobile [ TALK ] [ PDF ]
Edi Meier Exploiting the Potential of the Hydrostatic Leveling System (HLS) at the Swiss Light Source (SLS) [ TALK ]
Zili Zhang A Novel Laser Tracking System Based on Optical Frequency Comb [ TALK ]
Solomon Kamugasa Frequency Scanning Interferometry for CLIC component fiducialisation [ TALK ] [ PDF ]

Session 3: Survey, Alignment and Monitoring Methods (1)
Iordan Doychinov Uncertainty Budgeting for accelerator pre-alignment a Stochastic approach [ TALK ] [ PDF ]
Kenji Fukami Estimation of Magnet Alignment Accuracy for SPring-8 Upgrade using Resonance-Frequency Tracked Vibrating Wire [ TALK ] [ PDF ]
Hiroaki Kimura Analysis of the vertical floor deformation in SPring-8 ring tunnel [ TALK ] [ PDF ]
Tsuyoshi Suwada Real-Time Measurement in Slow Displacement of the Tunnel Floor Due to Dynamic Ground Motion at the KEKB Injector Linac [ TALK ] [ PDF ]
Nerea Ibarrola Frequency Scanning Interferometry for CLIC component fiducialisation [ TALK ] [ PDF ]

Session 4: Machines, Beam Lines, Experiments and Detectors (2)
Georg Gassner Re-configuration of the Linac Reference System at SLAC [ TALK ]
Jean-Christoph Gayde The ATLAS Detector Positioning System (ADEPO) to Control Moving Parts During ATLAS Closure [ TALK ] [ PDF ]
Mika Mazusawa Alignment of SuperKEKB Main Ring Magnet System [ TALK ] [ PDF ]
Zhenqiang He The DTL Alignment of China Spallation Neutron Source [ TALK ]
Babatunde Oshinowo Geometry Survey of the Time-of-Flight Neutron-Elastic Scattering (Antonella) Experiment [ TALK ] [ PDF ]

Session 5: Survey and Alignment at the ESRF
David Martin High Precision Beamline Alignment at the ESRF [ TALK ]
Flora Yakhou-Harris Science at ID32, the Soft X-Ray Beamline [ TALK ]

Session 6: Instrumentation, Software and Methods (2)
Torsten Miertsch New Approaches in the use of Laser Trackers for Measurements of Geodetic Networks [ TALK ]
Andreas Herty Hydrostatic Levelling Sensors Based on Extrinsic Fibre Fabry-Perot Interferometer Technology [ TALK ] [ PDF ]
Johannes Prenting SLRS Finals …Our Very Last Steps Towards a Running Straight Line Reference System [ TALK ]
Vivien Rude Validation of the Crab-Cavities Internal Monitoring Strategy [ TALK ] [ PDF ]
Pascal Sainvitu Tsunami, a Unified In-Field Measurement and Alignment Software for Experiments and Accelerators at CERN Large Scale Metrology Section [ TALK ] [ PDF ]

Session 7: Survey, Alignment and Monitoring Methods (2)
William Jansma Straightening of APS Linac Accelerating Structures Utilizing a Portable Articulating Arm CMM [ TALK ] [ PDF ]
Ming Ke Survey Support to Magnetic Measurement [ TALK ]
Stephen Kyle Compensating for the Effects of Refraction in Photogrammetric Metrology [ TALK ] [ PDF ]
Alain Lestrade Vertical Slow Drift Between Storage Ring & Beam Position at the Secondary Source of NANOSCOPIUM at SOLEIL [ TALK ] [ PDF ]

Session 8: Machines, Beam Lines, Experiments and Detectors (3)
Jaromir Penicka Alignment Strategy for APS Upgrade Project [ TALK ] [ PDF ]
Fabien Rey Survey Alignment Metrology European Spallation Source [ TALK ]
Francesco Scantamburlo LIPAC, the IFMIF/EVEDA Prototye Accelerator: Alignment and Assembly Current Status and Possible Future Improvements [ TALK ] [ PDF ]
Tseng Tse-Chuan Alignment and Stability of the TPS Storage Ring Auto-tuning Girder System [ TALK ] [ PDF ]
Chenghao Yu Smoothing of NSLS-II Storage Ring by Girder Survey [ TALK ] [ PDF ]

Session 9: Instrumentation, Software and Methods (3)
Claude Sanz A rotary mount for submicrometric positioning of a stretched wire axis within a coordinate measuring machine [ TALK ] [ PDF ]
Markus Schlösser Geodetic Coordinate Database at DESY [ TALK ] [ PDF ]
Vasileios Vlachakis Recent Development of Micro-Triangulation for Magnet Fiducialisation [ TALK ] [ PDF ]
Chao Zhang Eigenfrequency Wire Alignment System for Magnet Fiducialization [ TALK ] [ PDF ]
Hongyan Zhu Online Monitoring of the ADS Test Cryomodule with WPM [ TALK ]

Session 10: Survey, Alignment and Monitoring Methods (3)
Tony Millington Laser Scanning for the Replacement of EVB2 in the ISIS Synchrotron [ TALK ]
Dominique Missiaen Smoothing the LHC During LS1 [ TALK ] [ PDF ]
Vasileios Velonas Measuring Through Glass Windows with Laser Tracker Under Cold-Vacuum Conditions: Investigations and Results [ TALK ]
Bengt Sommarin Mechanical Concept of Aligning Mechanisms at MAX IV [ TALK ]

Poster Presentation
Davide Bianculli Application of Terrestrial Laser Scanner in Particle Accelerator and Reverse Engineering Solutions [ POSTER ]
Philippe Dewitte Survey Status Report on AWAKE, ELENA, and CENF [ POSTER ]
Mark Emamian Alignment of a 240kev ECR column at Duke university Lena [ POSTER ]
Michael Gaydosh SLAC Status Report 2016 [ POSTER ]
Xiaoye He Studies on transforming method of multi-system displacement monitoring system to global coordinate system in particle accelerators [ POSTER ]
Nerea Ibarola Future Circular Collider Study [ POSTER ]
Guillaume Katzmann HIE-ISOLDE – Commissioning and first results of the MATHILDE system monitoring the positions of cavities and solenoids inside Cryomodules [ POSTER ]
Takashi Kawamoto Level changes in the SuperKEKB main ring tunnel [ POSTER ]
Tatsuya Kume Precise alignment monitor by using optical frequency comb for the muon g-2EDM experiment at J-PARC [ POSTER ]
Stephen Kyle 3DIMPactonline - an online knowledge base of 3D_metrology [ POSTER ]
Rodrigo Leao Status Report on the Sirius Girder Development and Alignment Concept [ POSTER ]
Alexis Lefevre Status report on survey and alignment activities at GANIL-SPIRAL2 facilities (CEA CNRS, Caen, France) [ POSTER ]
Mika Masuzawa Sextupole magnets with variable tilt angles for SuperKEKB [ POSTER ]
Anne-Valerie Naegely GEODE a new DB interface with APEX [ POSTER ]
Babatunde Oshinowo Survey of the Fermilab NOvA Detectors [ POSTER ]
Andrea Paoli An integrated approach for monitoring soil settlements at the VIRGO site [ POSTER ]
Luigi Pellegrino A techniquqe for the transport of an alignment network through a small hole [ POSTER ]
Mateusz Sosin Issues and feasibility demonstration of CLIC supporting system chain active pre-alignment using a multi-module test setup (mock-up) [ POSTER ]

Session 11: Closing of Workship
H. Friedsam et al. Workshop Summary Report [ TALK ]  


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