SLAC eConf C0504071Editor: Jacques Dumarchez (Paris)




Highlights of NNN05

Cern Courier Article


After "Neutrino 2004" the convergence of results from atmospheric, solar, reactor and accelerator experiments confirms the massive neutrino and gives the first opportunity to test physics beyond the Standard Model. The neutrino oscillations picture is still missing 3 fundamental ingredients: the mixing angle θ13, the mass pattern and the CP phase δ.

Future neutrino beams of conventional and novel design aimed at a megaton type detector could give access to these parameters. Such a detector would also be the next generation facility for proton decay searches and an invaluable supernovae neutrino observatory.

There are currently studies for building such a detector in at least three regions in the world (Japan, US and Europe). This workshop, faithfull to the tradition of previous NNN conferences, aims at a wide discussion on the roadmap and the overall coordination of the megaton scale detector community.

The meeting has been organized in Aussois, a little village in the french Alps, 10 km away from the Frejus tunnel, which hosts the Modane Underground Laboratory.