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Computing in High Energy and Nuclear Physics
2003 Conference Proceedings


The 2003 conference on Computing in High Energy and Nuclear Physics was held on the University of California, San Diego campus in La Jolla, California, from March 24 - 28, 2003. The conference was organized by a consortium of California physicists with major support from UCSD and SLAC. The conference venue included the Mandeville Auditorium at UCSD as well as 10 large classrooms located near to the auditorium. There were 414 registered participants, 26 plenary talks including parallel session summaries, 272 talks in 12 parallel sessions, and a large number of posters, 35 of which are included in these proceedings. For most of the talks, the presentations, paper, and links to archived electronic versions are included in these proceedings. For the plenary talks, video of the actual presentation is also included. The conference summary by Torre Wenaus gives an excellent overview of conference highlights.

Each parallel session was organized by a pair of session chairs. They deserve a great deal of credit for pulling together coherent sessions in a short amount of time. Because of the venue on the UCSD campus during spring break, up to ten simultaneous sessions could be accommodated. This allowed for a large number of results and ideas to be presented, far more than any individual could attend during the conference. The summaries of each parallel session give the highlights as seen by the session organizers. Hopefully, these proceedings and the corresponding web pages hosted on a long term basis by SLAC will allow for access to all the conference information. The conference venue, because it was rather isolated from the city of San Diego, kept conference participants together for lunch, coffee breaks, and the social program. This promoted a great deal of discussion and information transfer outside the sessions, particularly given the good weather even for La Jolla. We made the conscious decision to further promote information transfer by providing good wireless computer connections at all times throughout the conference venue. These choices clearly have both positive and negative effects, however, we think they were good choices for this conference location. We also chose to emphasize a modern conference theme by making everything available on the worldwide web and by producing the proceedings on DVD.

James Branson
CHEP03 Chairperson


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