Workshop Program

International Workshop on Light-Cone QCD
and Nonperturbative Hadron Physics

Minneapolis, Minnesota, May 15-19, 2006

All sessions took place in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science (EE/CS) 3-180. The Monday-morning registration and all lunches and coffee breaks were in 3-176. All other locations are noted in the program. A map is available.

Please remember to provide a pdf file for your talk (from electronic slides, scanned slides, or an electronic preprint); these files will be linked to the titles on this page.

Sunday, May 14

Reception [Coffman Memorial Union, West Wing, 4th floor]
6:00-8:00 Registration
6:30-8:30 Buffet dinner

Monday, May 15

Registration (8:00-8:50)
Morning session (8:50-12:30) Chair: James Vary
Time (minutes) Speaker Title
8:50 (10) John Hiller Welcome to the workshop
9:00 (40+5) Stanley J. Brodsky New insights into light-front wave functions and QCD at the amplitude level: Part 1, Part 2
9:45 (40+5) Frieder Lenz Chiral symmetry in light-cone field theory
10:30 (30) break
11:00 (25+5) Guy de Teramond Mapping AdS/CFT results for holographic QCD to the light front
11:30 (25+5) Susan Gardner Lessons learned from discrete symmetries on the light front
12:30 (25+5) Jacob Sonnenschien A stringy model of decay of mesons
Lunch (12:30-2:00) [box lunch provided]
Afternoon session (2:00-5:00) Chair: Stan Glazek
Time (minutes) Speaker Title
2:00 (40+5) Paul Hoyer Perturbation theory in a p=0 condensate
2:45 (40+5) Charles Thorn One-loop glue-glue scattering on the light-cone worldsheet
3:30 (30) break
4:00 (25+5) Dipankar Chakrabarti Glue-glue scattering on the light-cone worldsheet
4:30 (25+5) Pierre Grange Poincare invariance with fields as OPVD in the Epstein-Glaser context
ILCAC meeting (7:00-9:00) Radisson Meadows Room

Tuesday, May 16

Morning session (9:00-12:30) Chair: Craig Roberts
Time (minutes) Speaker Title
9:00 (40+5) Matthias Burkardt Aspects of quark orbital angular momentum
9:45 (40+5) Anatoly Radyushkin Holographic and quark-hadron duality for form factors
10:30 (30) break
11:00 (25+5) Tobias Frederico Nucleon space and time-like form factors in a light-cone model
11:30 (25+5) Asmita Mukherjee Hadron optics: Diffraction patterns in deeply virtual Compton scattering
12:30 (25+5) Thomas Heinzl Strong-Field QED and High-Power Lasers
Lunch (12:30-2:00) [box lunch provided]
Afternoon session (2:00-5:45) Chair: Matthias Burkardt
Time (minutes) Speaker Title
2:00 (40+5) Marvin Weinstein CORE in 2-Dimensions, HAFS, High T_c and QCD
2:45 (40+5) Colin Morningstar Towards the baryon spectrum using spatially-extended operators in Lattice QCD
3:30 (30) break
4:00 (25+5) Daniel Gruenewald Lattice QCD near the light cone
4:30 (25+5) Yuichi Hoshino Fermion propagator in unquenched QED3 by spectral function
5:00 (25+5) Wayne Polyzou Wavelet bases in few-body scattering calculations
5:30 (13+2) Sofia Chabysheva First numerical results: a nonperturbative calculation of the electron's anomalous magnetic moment

Wednesday, May 17

Morning session (9:00-12:30) Chair: Lorenz von Smekal
Time (minutes) Speaker Title
9:00 (40+5) Stan Glazek Light-front Hamiltonian calculation of masses of heavy quarkonium in one-flavor QCD
9:45 (40+5) Chueng Ji Progress in LFQM phenomenology
10:30 (30) break
11:00 (25+5) Jon Pumplin Light-cone physics and parton distribution functions
11:30 (25+5) Joćo Pacheco B. C. de Melo Spin-1 particles on the light front
12:00 (25+5) Feng Yuan Unifying the mechanisms for single transverse-spin asymmetries
Lunch (12:30-2:00) [box lunch provided]
Afternoon excursion (2:00-4:00) Weisman Art Museum
Workshop banquet [Coffman Memorial Union, West Wing, 4th floor]
6:00-7:00 Reception with cash bar
7:00-9:00 Buffet dinner

Thursday, May 18

Morning session (9:00-12:30) Chair: Stan Brodsky
Time (minutes) Speaker Title
9:00 (40+5) Craig Roberts Dyson-Schwinger equations: an update
9:45 (40+5) Lorenz von Smekal Landau gauge QCD - How nonperturbative does it get?
10:30 (30) break
11:00 (25+5) Jan Pawlowski Functional RG methods in QCD
11:30 (25+5) Peter Tandy Beyond the ladder
12:00 (25+5) Pieter Maris Two and three-body bound states in an explicitly covariant framework
Lunch (12:30-2:00) [box lunch provided]
Afternoon session (2:00-5:30) Chair: Gary McCartor
Time (minutes) Speaker Title
2:00 (40+5) Mikhail Shifman Highly excited mesons in QCD
2:45 (40+5) Jean-Francois Mathiot The Yukawa model in covariant light-front dynamics
3:30 (30) break
4:00 (25+5) Bernard Bakker The box diagram in Yukawa theory
4:30 (25+5) Vladimir Karmanov On derivation of the LFD fermion form factors from Feynman approach
5:00 (25+5) Lubomir Martinovic A few aspects of bosonization in light-front field theory

Friday, May 19

Morning session (8:30-11:15) Chair: John Hiller [note earlier start!]
Time (minutes) Speaker Title
8:30 (40+5) Gary McCartor Regulating QCD bound-state calculations
9:15 (40+5) James Vary Solving light-front QCD with ab-initio many-body basis function methods
10:00 (30) break
10:30 (45) Paul Hoyer and James Vary Discussion of light-cone physics and funding
Lunch (11:15-12:30) [box lunch provided]
Workshop closed. Safe travels, everyone!
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