BibTeX Style Files

The following are slightly modified version of familiar bst files that can handle the CITATION information useful to SPIRES-HEP database processing. Please ensure that your bibliography file contains references with the CITATION information.

  • utphys.bst (updated fro new arXiv ids) and utcaps.bst
    Jacques Distler's files with arXiv.org hyperlinks.
  • h-physrev5.bst
    Marek Szuba's modification of Flynn's style for new arXiv IDs (updated 6 Apr 2009).
  • h-physrev3.bst
    Jonathan Flynn's Physical Review style (updated 12 Dec 2000).
  • h-elsevier3.bst
    Jonathan Flynn's Nuclear Physics style (updated 12 Dec 2000).
  • h-physrev4.bst
    Jonivar Skullerud's modification of Flynn's style (updated 10 Oct 2001).
  • JHEP-2.bst
    Jonivar Skullerud's modification of the JHEP style (updated 10 Oct 2001).
  • B. Jantzen wrote to explain how to modify your own style file:
    % add "SLACcitation" to the entries list:
       { address
     % insert the following line:
       { label }
    % add the output of the SLACcitation entry to the function "fin.entry"
    % insert the lines from "modified" to "end of modification"
    % before the "newline$" at the end of the function
     FUNCTION {fin.entry}
     { [...]
     % modified to add SLACcitation field if present
     SLACcitation empty$
       { newline$ SLACcitation write$ }
     % end of modification

We would be very happy to hear from anyone with other bst files that should be added to this list. Contact us as spires@slac.stanford.edu

SPIRES HEP was a joint project of SLAC, DESY & FNAL as well as the worldwide HEP community.
It was superseeded by INSPIRE

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