Individual Home Page Policy

Individual home pages on SLAC servers represent the SLAC Laboratory as well as the individual. They are communications which must comply with the “appropriate use” requirements found in federal law and in provisions of SLAC’s contract pertaining to the proper use, protection, accountability and disposition of government property. The individual in developing his/her home page must use these government-owned information technologies only in support of his/her official duties because, as the existing policy states: “SLAC information resources and networks may only be used for work related to SLAC”. In order to assure all relevant parties that no misuse of resources occurs, SLAC reserves the right to sample file contents at any time.

The individual home pages on SLAC servers should be considered professional home pages and the content must be limited to information regarding the person’s professional life and activities at SLAC. This may include information about locating the person, anything that might normally appear in a professional resume, a description of the SLAC relevant activities, documents (including text, pictures, sounds and multimedia) relevant to SLAC activities subject to appropriate approvals required by patent and copyright agreements and any other organizational approvals (such as experimental data publication policies) which may exist. The pages are required to have certain style and content such as the owner’s name and e-mail address. A list of individual home pages is available.

Links in SLAC individual home pages must be limited to other SLAC pages which comply with this policy and non-SLAC links which are relevant to SLAC activities or other subjects which would normally appear on a professional resume.

Last Update: September 19, 1996 -- Williams and McDunn