Required and Recommended Web Page Elements

Pages linked to from SLAC's core pages

Any SLAC Web page that is directly (hypertext) linked to from one of the three SLAC 'core pages' (Highlighted Home, Detailed Home, or Welcome Page), must have two required page elements:

  1. An active textual or graphic link back to one of the SLAC core pages.
  2. An active link to an owner, to enable the sending of e-mail to that owner (see implementation notes below).
  3. Do not include a link to the Privacy Notice, Security Notice, and Terms of Use page. This link should only appear on the 'core pages'.

All Pages residing on SLAC web servers

For all SLAC Web pages, it is strongly recommended that, where practical, they include:

  1. An owner, who is the person responsible for maintaining the page.
  2. A date created or last updated (normally close to the top or bottom of the page)..
  3. An acknowledgement which communicates to the web user that this page resides at SLAC. This should normally be an active link (text or image) to one of the core SLAC pages, or to a page which itself links to the SLAC core pages.

Implementation Information

Page Owner

The favored method of creating the "page owner" hyperlink is by use of the /owner URL, e.g.

<a href="/owner/mcdunn">McDunn</a>
Last modified: July 7, 2003 

or the fully qualified version if the web page is served from one of the Windows web servers.

<a href="">McDunn</a>
Last modified: July 7, 2003 

Note that following the /owner/ should be the owner's SLAC e-mail id, (i.e. the name preceding the @ in


Link to SLAC home pages sample code (alternatives could be on the same page) for:

<a href="/detailed.html">
<img SRC="/icon/slac3.gif" ALT="SLAC" border="0">

or the fully qualified version if the web page is served from one of the Windows web servers.

<a href="">
<img SRC="" ALT="SLAC" border="0"></a>

For other related policies see the SLAC Web Polices Page.

McDunn - SLAC - Last modified: July 8, 2003