Instructions on how to submit articles to this bulletin

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This page gives recommendations for the preparation of papers for the publication in the ICFA Instrumentation Bulletin (IIB).

After we receive the article we will post it on the WWW. When 4-5 articles will be assembled on the Web, we will publish the paper form as a SLAC-PUB preprint through a limited number of copies sent only to institutions on the ICFA Instrumentation Bulletin mailing list.
This necessitates changes in the way papers are submitted to the Editor.

The format of the paper should be

paper form plus the LaTeX file with postscript figures, or

paper form plus a 3.5'' diskette with text and figures in MSWord.

If neither of those formats is possible, please submit the paper form only. The paper will then be scanned at SLAC.

The concept of publishing the bulletin on the World Wide Web (WWW) allows us to include links to WWW pages prepared by authors, provided that a "real" article will also be submitted to the IIB. We encourage authors to send the URL of a WWW page describing their experimental work by E-mail to

All papers should be submitted by

sending it by E-mail to
(a dedicated E-mail address for paper submission - all other communications with the editor should be sent to directly)

The editor should be contacted before any files are transfered and a brief description of the file(s) transfered should be included in the mail "subject".

We require the author to submit a brief abstract which will allow a quick reference for a reader.

To achieve a homogeneous layout of the bulletin (and to avoid problems with paper size and page size), we provide authors with a LaTeX style file and template (in the future an MSWord template document will also be provided). Please download and modify these files to write and submit your paper.

Download the LaTeX style file and template

The Web format for the published articles will be

postscript (PS) and
portable document format (PDF).
Please read the instructions on how to download articles this bulletin for details on the data format in the bulletin.

Last modified: 16 Mar 1996, Jochen.