Spring 1996 Issue


J. Va'vra,
Editorial comments

F. Sauli,
"Development of Micro-Strip Gas Chambers for Radiation Detection and Tracking at High Rates"
Gas Detector Development Home Page

E.C. Zeballos et al.,
"The Multigap Resistive Plate Chamber"

G. Vasileiadis, G. Malamud, Ph. Mine and D. Vartsky,
"Solid and vapour phase UV photocathodes for gaseous detectors"

A.Breskin, A.Buzulutskov, R.Chechik, E.Shefer,
"Towards gaseous detectors for visible photons "

A. Pansky, A. Breskin and R. Chechik ,
"A new technique for studying the Fano factor and the mean energy per ion pair in counting gases"

El-Mul Technologies Ltd.,
"The Micro Sphere Plate: a novel electron multiplier"
El-Mul Home Page

Karl M. Ecklund, Keith W. Hartman, Michael J. Hebert, Stanley G. Wojcicki
"Etching of Copper Coated Mylar Tubes with CF4 Gas "

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