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The following site modules are used as building blocks for SPEAR IOC software applications. The modules are either downloaded from other EPICS sites or developed at SPEAR or LCLS and made available to other sites. Some modules are listed in the EPICS collaboration's IOC hardware support and soft support. Some modules come from the APS Beamline Controls and Data Acquisition (BCDA) synApps software (old link, new link, SVN source browser). Unless otherwise noted, the modules are built for EPICS base R3.14.11 on RTEMS and linux-x86_64. BTW, Ernest recommends Hytec EPICS Device Driver User Manual as a good example of documentation of EPICS drivers.

This list is a subset of modules used by all SPEAR IOC applications and rf-only modules used only by the RF-SPEAR application in the SPEAR CVS repository. To add or modify a module, follow the instructions in /afs/slac/g/spear/epics/modules/README.

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VME/VXI Hardware Support

The following modules are built for VME-based and VXI-based target architectures only.
Note 1: Part of the RF-SPEAR application. VxWorks-only.
Module Name Description Notes User Docs Distribution
allenBradley Allen Bradley Device Interface using the VME Scanner 1 Driver/Device Support, 1746 HSTP1 Notes, SLC DCM Notes APS
ipac Generic IP Carrier and Module Support - Driver Support, AVME9670 Hardware Manual APS
caenADCV965 CAEN V965 and V965A QDC vmeUtils Device Support, Support for 8 Channels was ORNL, now LCLS
gtr Generic Transient Recorder, Joerger and SIS Digitizers vmeUtils Description APS
ssi Kramert SSI Interface vmeUtils Hardware Manual, Encoder Pinout README was PSI, now SPEAR
VME Smart Analog Module vmeUtils Hardware Manual, BaBar Documentation, Installation Notes LCLS
DMA Interface Support miscUtils - SPEAR
motor Motion Control. Pro-Dex VME58 and MAXv - 6-8 Doc, 6-2-2 Doc APS
epvxi VXI Device Library 1 Description APS
mca Multi-Channel Analyzer, SIS3820 Multi-Channel Scaler - Documentation CARS
drvSpeartimestamp Time Stamp Sync Module (TSSM) Interface vmeUtils Timestamp and Events, TSSM Hardware Manual SPEAR

IP Module Support

The following modules are built for VME-based target architectures only.
Module Name Description Notes User Docs Distribution
ipac TEWS TIP810 CANBus - Driver Support, Device Support APS
acromagIpac Acromag IP440 Digital Input ipacUtils Description, Hardware Manual Obs Sci
acromagIpac Acromag IP445 Digital Output ipacUtils Description, Hardware Manual Obs Sci
acromagIpac Acromag IP470 Digital I/O ipacUtils Hardware Manual, Notes by Matjaz SPEAR
acromagIpac Acromag IP231 DAC ipacUtils Hardware Manual LCLS
acromagIpac Acromag IP330 ADC ipacUtils Hardware Manual LCLS

Asynchronous Device Support

Module Name Description Notes User Docs Distribution
asyn General Asynchronous Support - Documentation APS
stream Serial Device Support - Documentation PSI
ether_ip 1756-ENBT EtherNet/IP Module - Documentation SNS
areaDetector Area Detector - Documentation CARS
s7plc Siemens S7 PLC - Driver/Device Support, PLC Configuration Example PSI
modbus modbus - Documentation CARS
ipmiComm IPMI Interface to uTCA MCH, Supermicro PC, ATCA Crates. - TBD LCLS
ethercat ethercat - TBD DLS

GPIB Device Support

Module Name Description Notes User Docs Distribution
asyn Agilent E8810A and E2050A LAN Gateways - Documentation, GPIB Device Support, VXI-11 Details APS
SRSdg535Gpib SRS DG535 Digital Delay Generator asynGpib Hardware Manual APS
PTS500Gpib PTS500 Frequency Synthesizer asynGpib - SPEAR
Hp53181AGpib Agilent 53181A Frequency Counter asynGpib Hardware Manual SPEAR
K2001Gpib Keithley 2001 and 2002 Multimeter asynGpib Hardware Manual SPEAR

Record Support

The following records supplement those listed in the EPICS base Record Reference Manual (old pdf), (old html).
Module Name Description Notes User Docs Distribution
motor motor - 6-8 Reference, 6-2-2 Reference APS
steppermotor steppermotor (old) 1 Reference APS
calc sCalcout (string calcout) calcUtils Reference APS
calc transform calcUtils Reference APS
asyn asyn - Reference APS
std epid (extended PID feedback) calcUtils Reference APS
std scaler calcUtils Reference APS
busy busy calcUtils Reference APS
mca Multi-Channel Analyzer - Reference CARS

Other Support

Module Name Description Notes User Docs Distribution
seq Sequencer and SNL Compiler - User's Guide BESSY
restore IOC Restart Setpoint Restore - - SPEAR
autosave IOC Save and Restore - Description,
Adding Autosave to LCLS Feedback
iocStats IOC Statistics - README_devIocStats, README_iocAdmin SPEAR
devBusMapped Memory-Mapped Register Access miscUtils README SPEAR
devGenVar Read/Write C-Code Variables miscUtils README, Presentation LCLS
miscUtils Miscellaneous miscUtils - SPEAR
spearUtils Miscellaneous SPEAR-only spearUtils - SPEAR
optics optics calcUtils Description APS
Interpolation Dynamic multi-dimensional interpolation using cubic spline fit. - Description AS

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