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PEPII Bunch Injection Control:  I/O Hardware

This page provides a list of equipment used for the pepii bunch injection control system. 
  • VMEbus I/O Hardware
  • VXIbus I/O Hardware (BxBcm)
  • Multibus I/O Hardware
  • Miscellaneous I/O Hardware
  • Materials List with SLAC IDs
  • Spares List


    VMEbus I/O Hardware

    Qty. Description Model Manufacturer
    1 68030 CPU w/16MB RAM MVME167-34B Motorola 
    2 Bit3 A24/D32 VME-VME Adapter 412-101 SBS Technologies
    1 Bit3 A24/D32 VME-Multibus Adapter 422-202 SBS Technologies
    1 Bit3 Dual-Port RAM 32K  412-201 SBS Technologies
    1 Industry Pack Carrier Board  (IP) VIPC616 SBS Technologies
    1 IEEE-488 Industry Pack (IPAC) IP-488 SBS Technologies
    1 VME Crate with 7 slots Schroff Europac
    1 VxWorks Run-time License,mvme167 BSP,dev tools licenses WindRiver

    Multibus I/O Hardware

    Qty. Description Model Manufacturer
    1 Computrol
    1 PNET with SLCNET tranceiver PNET SLAC
    1 CAMAC Controller MBCD SLAC
    1 PNET w/point-to-point link PNET
    1 Intel 486MHz CPU 4MB memory 
    1 card w/fan SLAC
    2 Bit3 Adapter Multibus I-VME 422-201 SBS Technologies
    1 PNET w/SLCNET tranceiver SLAC
    1 Multibus I crate with 16 slots
    1 RMX-11 Operating System 2.2 Tenasys

    Miscellaneous I/O Hardware

    Qty. Description Model Manufacturer Status
    1 Uninterrupted Power Supply
    Web Management
    American Power Conversion po
    1 Terminal Server 2511 Cisco po
    3 Fiber Optic Repeater 400-50 SBS Technologies po,po
    2 KVM Switch w/2 channels 2002 Multimeter Kinetic Systems po,po
    1 GPIB 6 ft. cable Stores
    2 BIT3 6 ft. extension cable 400-118 SBS Technologies po
    4 Bit3 cable 400-122 SBS Technologies po

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