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PEPII Bunch By Bunch Current Monitor:  I/O Hardware

This page provides a list of equipment used for the pepii bunch by bunch current monitor system. 
  • VMEbus I/O Hardware
  • VXIbus I/O Hardware
  • Miscellaneous I/O Hardware
  • Materials List with SLAC IDs


    VMEbus I/O Hardware

    Qty. Description Model Manufacturer
    2 Bit3 A24/D32 VME-VME Adapter 412-101 SBS Technologies
    2 Bit3 Dual-Port RAM 128K 412-202 SBS Technologies
    2 Analog & Digital I/O Industry Pack IP-ADIO SBS Technologies

    VXIbus I/O Hardware

    Qty Description Model Manufacturer
    2 Slot-0 Controller w/16MB RAM, 100MHz,2MB Video Memory, 810 MB Hard Drive 
    VXI Libraries and resource manager
    VXIpc-850-100 National Instruments
    2 VXI Crates HP 7500 Series Hewlett Packard
    2 Industrial Pack Carrier Board (IP) VX403C C&H Engineering
    2 C-Size Adapter Module (B-to-C adapter) E1407A Hewlett-Packard
    1 4-Phase Control SLAC
    2 Bunch Monitor A/D Module LBL
    4 Decimator  LBL
    2 VXI Crate with 13 slots HP A-Series
    2 Visual C++ Programming Environment Microsoft
    2 NT Operating System 
    (included with slot-0 controller item 1 above)
    3.5.1 Microsoft
    2 Labview 5.1 National Instruments

    Miscellaneous I/O Hardware

    Qty. Description Model Manufacturer Status
    2 Uninterrupted Power Supply
    Web Management
    American Power Conversion po
    2 BIT3 cable 400-122 SBS Technologies po
    4 12 inch A/D to Decimators W.L. Gore Associates  (diagram) po

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