Class DpChadsTests

  extended by test.java.DpChadsTests

public class DpChadsTests
extends java.lang.Object

The Channel Archiver AIDA Data Provider Test Suite.

02-Feb-2011, Bob Hall. Added a test for the new FACET Aida Channel Archiver server., 17-Nov-2008, Bob Hall. Changed test 1 to specify a recent date/time for the default index., 02-Aug-2008, Bob Hall. Added display of new isdst field., 31-Jul-2008, Bob Hall. Added test 11 for retrieval of LCLS data using INDEX parameter., 10-Sep-2007, Bob Hall. Added test 10 for waveform example using new count field., 17-Aug-2007, Bob Hall. Added display of new pulseid field., 10-Mar-2007, Bob Hall. Added LCLS test., 25-Jul-2006, Bob Hall. Added display of new unixtime field., 29-Apr-2005, Bob Hall. Condensed tests., 14-Apr-2005, Bob Hall. Added tests 9 and 10 to get data using getDaValue from a "da" object., 01-Oct-2004, Greg White Added test 8, to verify you can successfully get Chads data into a DaValue., 21-May-2004, Bob Hall. Changed "attribute" part of PV specification to be "HIST.subsystem" (where subsystem is pepii, nlcta, or pack) instead of "HIST"., 06-May-2004, Bob Hall. Added two tests and, as a consequence, renumbered the other tests. New test 2 obtains data for a NLCTA PV. New test 3 obtains data for a 8-Pack PV. Test 4 is what was previously called test 2: it prompts for PV and time., 03-Apr-2003, Ron MacKenzie. Add test 2 which is same as test 1 except that it prompts for PV and time.
17-Mar-2003, Ron MacKenzie. Based on Greg's DpCaTests.java

Constructor Summary
DpChadsTests(java.lang.String[] args)
Method Summary
 void run(int testNumber)
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Constructor Detail


public DpChadsTests(java.lang.String[] args)
Method Detail


public void run(int testNumber)