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AIDA EPICS Channel Archiver Data Source (Chads) Programmers' Guide


This page describes how to make and run the Chads software. This page also descirbes how to set-up the AIDA database to fetch Channel Archive History PVs.

Making dpTestHist

dpTestHist is in CD_SOFT CVS in module package/aida/src/epics/extensions/src/dp/dpTestHist. Even though it is in "package", it does in fact build like a standard executable using the CD_SOFT makefile scheme. Follow Ch 6 of BUG.

To develop in your working directory


To release

gmaketst  package/aida/src/epics/extensions/src/dp/dpTestHist
gmakedev package/aida/src/epics/extensions/src/dp/dpTestHist
gmakenew package/aida/src/epics/extensions/src/dp/dpTestHist

Running the dpTestHist Data Provider

Follow the instructions for running dpTestHist in the New Labour Cheat Sheet.

Test the Aida CHADS Data Provider by running its test suite:
aidatest daDpChadsTest 1 2 3

Note: Test 1 requests data for HR81:CAV2:VACM//HIST.       &nbspIt is assumed that the AIDA database is setup for that request going to dpChads. Test 2 prompts you for the PV and Time Range.

Aida Directory Service for CHADS support.

At the time of writting, the Aida CHADS Service has AIDA_SERVICE.ID number 3. Therefore, items in AIDA_NAMES that should be retrieved through the CHADS Data Provider (dpChads) have AIDA_NAMES.ID's which, when looked up in AIDA_DIRECTORY.NAME_ID, will have AIDA_DIRECTORY.SERVICE_ID = 3.

See the AIDA SQL Cheat sheet, section AIDA Directory Database Content Maintenance for an example of how you would teach AIDA to acquire History Data for a Channel Archiver PV which is of type DOUBLE (which they all are), and the AIDA Directory Service Database Document, for more information and the general principles.

Test Archiver History PVs
The following PVs were added to the Aida Directory Service to help test the reference edition of the Channel Archiver data provider:

So, these names will be found in the INSTANCE column of AIDA_NAMES, and the other directory service additions in order to support them, as described in the AIDA Directory Service Database Guide, have already been carried out.

The test program daDpChadsTest (described above) allows you to exercise dpChads with these PV's.

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Author: Ron MacKenzie
Modified by: Ron MacKenzie 5/4/04. Fix confusion about names of the different incarnations of chads (dpChads, dpTestHist, etc).