Past ATLAS Events at SLAC


US pixel upgrade workshop, SLAC (Sep/8-9/2008)
SLAC DOE review, SLAC (Jul/7-9/2008)
West Coast LHC Theory Meeting, SLAC (Jan/16/2008)
ATLAS Hadronic Final State Analysis Forum, SLAC (Jan/14-18/2008)


US ATLAS Tier2/Tier3 Workshop (Nov/28-30/2007, SLAC)
The first ATLAS Physics Workshop of the Americas, SLAC (Aug/20-23/2007)
SLAC Summer Institute (Jul/30-Aug/10/2007)
SLAC DOE review Jun/11-14/2007
Annual SLUO meeting, SLAC (Jun/7/2007) [agenda],[talks]
SLAC team at the May/07 CERN relay race
Informal ATLAS Physics Analysis Retreat, SLAC (Mar/5-8/2007)


ATLAS Fastshower parameterization simulation workshop, SLAC (Nov/27-Dec/1/2006)
Stanford Graduate Student Physics 450 lectures: LHC Physics (Michael Peskin) - Fall 2006
SLAC/ATLAS BBQ at Pomponio State Beach Jul/23/2006
SLAC Summer Institute - The next frontier: exploring with the LHC (Jul/17-28/2006)
LoopFest V, SLAC (Jun/19-21/2006)
SLAC DOE review (Jun/06)
SLAC Experimental Advisory Committee Review (include ATLAS proposal and presentation)
Su Dong
Rainer Bartoldus

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