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econf C020805

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Lecture Series

Session Chairs:  John Jaros, Lance Dixon, Charles Prescott

L01 T. Sanda The Search for Gold in Beauty Decays

L02 Z. Ligeti Introduction to Heavy Meson Decays and CP Asymmetries
L03 D. MacFarlane Mixing and Time-Dependent CP Asymmetries in e+e- Annihilation
L06 R. Tschirhart The Sensitivity Frontier: Kaon Physics in the Era of Precision B-Physics

L07 T. Browder Rare B Meson Decays  

Topical Conference Series

Wednesday, August 14
Chairman: Lance Dixon

TW01 D. Lange Study of CP Violation in B Mesons using the BABAR Detector
TW02 W. Trischuk Study of CP Asymmetries at BELLE
TW03 E. Von Toerne Recent B Physics Results from CLEO
TW04 S. Miscetti Recent Results from the KLOE Experiment
TW05 D. Charlton LEP,SLC  and  the Standard Model
TW06 J. Yu Precision Measurement of sin 2 theta w From nu - N Scattering at NuTeV
TW08 C. Ozben Precision Measurement of the Anomalous Magnetic Moment of the Muon

Thursday, August 15
Charles Prescott
TTH01 A. Poon Solar Neutrino Observations at the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory
TTH02 J. Wilkes New Results from Super-K and K2K
TTH04 A. Stocchi Final Results on Heavy Quarks at LEP and SLD
TTH05 P. Jacobs Measurements of High Density Matter at RHIC
TTH06 P. Bloom Measurements of Rare B Decays at BABAR
TTH07 B. Casey Measurements of Rare B Meson Decay at BELLE
TTH09 H. Georgi Deconstruction and New Approaches to Electroweak Symmetry Breaking  

Friday, August 16
Chairman: John Jaros
TF01 H. Evans Results from CDF and D0 (Everything But the B)
TF02 L. Baudis Search for Cosmic Dark Matter at CDMS
TF04 M. Kamionkowski New Views of Cosmology and the Microworld

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