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In the development of a Geant4-based application, it is the user's responsibility to decide which physics processes are required, and then to include them in the physics list. A description of Geant4 physics lists and their use, along with simple and detailed examples, can be found in the Geant4 Application Developer's Guide .

In realistic applications the physics list can become long and involved. Also, the large number of physics processes available can make the choice difficult. For this reason the Geant4 group at SLAC has developed and supports a number of physics lists which can be copied by users and integrated into their applications. Each physics list has been specialized for a given area of application. Physics list support consists of

Available Physics Lists

Current physics lists include those developed to support experiments based at least in part at SLAC. These are:

Vertex/tracker/calorimeter for B physics (BaBar)

Space Sciences and Astrophysics Applications

High energy tracker/calorimeter for colliders (ILC)

Space Electronics Applications Physics List

Simple and Fast Physics List - for getting started

Physics List for Shielding, Underground
and High Energy Calorimetry

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