Enter a BFMAIL Meeting Name and submit, you may use * as a wild character (i.e COMP* will show a list of all meeting codes that begin with COMP).

BFmail Meeting Names are used to group people for

  • distributing e-mail via the BFMAIL program, using e-mail addresses from the Project Database
  • printing mailing labels, phonelists, etc.

    There is a Help File for BFmail commands and a list of All Meeting Codes.

    If you need new meeting codes created, please e-mail Kathryn Webb with
    • the name of the meeting code (maximum 10 characters)
    • the descriptioin of the meeting code
    • the names of the coordinators for the meeting code.

  • The Participants Searcher will
  • generate Mailing Labels for any BFMAIL Meeting Name (RTF files for Word Processors)
  • give you a list of participants of any BFMAIL Meeting Name, sorted by different institutions.

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    George Crane
    Updated April 2005