The Mission Statement

``The mission of the International Light-Cone Advisory Committee is to advance research in quantum field theory, particularly light-cone quantization methods applicable to the solution of physical problems, through the organization of meetings, workshops, and other measures.''

1. The duties of members are to attend most of the meetings which occur during their term and actively advance the mission of the ILCAC. The committee approves the selection of meeting sites.

2. There are a maximum of fifteen ILCAC members from a minimum of four countries.

3. The term of membership in the committee is three years (to the closest meeting date). The number of terms is not limited.

4. The newly elected ILCAC elects a President and a Secretary.

5. The duties of the Secretary are to maintain the records of the committee and to handle the correspondence with the committee. The duties of the President are to oversee the activities of ILCAC, to appoint the subcommittees, and to manage the arrangements for future meetings.

6. Following the selection of the site for a future meeting, the President of the ILCAC appoints some ILCAC members to a Scientific Program subcommittee for that specific meeting. The organizer of the meeting serves as the chairman of that subcommittee and need not be an ILCAC member. The organizer selects the remaining members of the subcommittee. This subcommittee oversees the scientific program of the meeting and reports to the ILCAC.

7. All votes are determined by a majority of ILCAC members present, or by members holding a proxy of a member not present.

8. At the meeting prior to the end of the term of the ILCAC, the President of the ILCAC appoints a nominating subcommittee. The nominating committee recommends a list of prospective members for the coming term. Other nominations may be suggested by current members of the ILCAC at the election meeting. The current ILCAC then elects, by secret ballot, the next committee. In the event that more than fifteen people are nominated, each member casts fifteen votes and the fifteen nominees receiving the most votes are elected.

9. A majority of the ILCAC membership at a given meeting may ask for the consideration of amendments of these rules at the forth coming regular meeting of the ILCAC. Amendment can be approved by the usual voting rules.

This Mission Statement and Set of Rules was agreed upon by conscensus at the 1997 meeting in Les Houches and first applied at the 1997 workshop in Lutsen.




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