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2003 Report

Section Title Link to File File Size
-- Whole Book    
   Optimized for screen (with links) TRC03SC.PDF 11.6 MB
   Optimized for print (without links) TRC03PR.PDF 11.1 MB
-- Frontmatter TRC03FR.PDF 0.2 MB
-- Executive Summary TRC03EX.PDF 1.3 MB
Chapter 1 Steering Committee, Charge, Working Groups, Milestones, and Methodology TRC03C1.PDF 0.1 MB
Chapter 2 The Megatables TRC03C2.PDF 0.1 MB
Chapter 3 Descriptions of the Four Machines at 500 GeV c.m. TRC03C3.PDF 5.2 MB
Chapter 4 Upgrade Paths to Higher Energies TRC03C4.PDF 0.2 MB
Chapter 5 Test Facilities and Other Project R&D Programs TRC03C5.PDF 3.4 MB
Chapter 6 Technology, RF, and Energy Working Group Assessments TRC03C6.PDF 0.5 MB
Chapter 7 Luminosity Performance Working Group Assessments TRC03C7.PDF 1.2 MB
Chapter 8 Reliability, Availability, and Operability TRC03C8.PDF 0.2 MB
Chapter 9 Summary of R&D Work that Remains to Be Done for Individual Machines or Collectively for All Machines TRC03C9.PDF 0.1 MB

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