ICFA-SCIC Working Group on Monitoring

Created June 21 2002 by Les Cottrell, SLAC, last update January 31, 2011

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The formation of this working group was requested at the ICFA/SCIC meeting at CERN in March 2002 Need monitoring to provide quantitative/technical view of what is happening so that we can come up with and justify our recommendations. Need to identify inter-regional connectivity requirements (intra seem to be OK and handled by others).

The lead person for the monitoring working group was identified as Les Cottrell. The lead person will gather outside the committee people to assist and take the lead on writing the section for the ICFA report scheduled for the end of 2002. The membership consists of:
Les Cottrell SLAC US cottrell@slac.stanford.edu
Richard Hughes-Jones University of Manchester and DANTE UK rich@a3.ph.man.ac.uk
Sergei Berezhnev RUHEP, Moscow State.Univ. Russia sfb@radio-msu.net
Sergio F. Novaes FNAL S. America novaes@fnal.gov
Fukuko Yuasa KEK Japan and E. AsiaFukuko.Yuasa@kek.jp
Shawn McKee University of Michigan LHC/ATLAS & I2 Net monsmckee@umich.edu
There is a mailing list at icfa-scic-mon@slac.stanford.edu that is used to communicate among the membership. Due to spam proliferation it is not open to posting from non-members.

Goals of the Working Group

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