Accelerator Technology Options Report

18 March 2004

This is the final report on the
U.S. Linear Collider Technology Options Study
by the
U.S. Linear Collider Steering Group
Accelerator Sub-committee, Linear Collider Option Task Forces

This study was carried out at the request of the United States Linear Collider Steering Group (USLCSG). The establishment of such a body was recommended by the HEPAP Subpanel on Long Range Planning.

The USLCSG Executive Committee asked the Accelerator Subcommittee to carry out an evaluation of two options for a US-sited linear collider. The two options were to be based on the normal conducting X-band RF technology developed by the GLC/NLC collaboration, and the superconducting L-band RF technology developed by the TESLA collaboration. The physics design requirements which both technical options must meet were established by the Physics and Detector Subcommittee of the USLCSG.

The report is available, either as the full report or as individual chapters in the list below.

Full report ( link ) [13,158 kBy]
Introduction, Executive Summary, Conclusions (Chapters 1, 2, and 9) and Appendix ( link ) [608 kBy]
Reference Designs (Chapter 3) ( link ) [9,759 kBy]
Availability Design (Chapter 4) ( link ) [638 kBy]
Cost and Schedule (Chapter 5) ( link ) [942 kBy]
Civil Construction and Siting (Chapter 6) ( link ) [2,451 kBy]
Design Variants (Chapter 7) ( link ) [886 kBy]
Risk Assessment (Chapter 8) ( link ) [722 kBy]

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