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feature story KEK Wednesday - June 2, 2010

The Legacy of Belle and BaBar

On May 18, 2010, the world's two major B Factory collaborations, Belle and BaBar, met in a seminar room to toss a coin. The two have used different sets of notation for more than a decade, but must now pick a consistent notation for their upcoming joint physics book. The book will discuss the detectors, the analysis tools used, the physics results, and the interpretation of these results. Read on for a short history of the tow projects, and to find out the results of the coin toss. Read more...

Tuesday - June 1, 2010

Head or Tails ? Both win at B Factory Book Meeting

The Physics of B-Factories, a first-of-its-kind anthlogy of the B factory particle physics done by SLAC's BaBar experiment and the Belle experiment at KEK in Japan, is well on its way to completion. Last year the book's editors held their first meeting at SLAC, and in late May they reunited for a second meeting at the KEK facility. The group discussed the progress and organization of the massive project, and used an unusual method to answer a long-standing question. Read more...


Thursday- November 5, 2009

The Book on B-Factories

The BaBar Collaboration and the Belle Collaboration are moving forward with plans for a book documenting the history of B-Factory Physics revolutionized by the sister PEP-II and KEK B research facilities in the USA and Japan. The book, tentatively titled the B-Factories Book, will bring together all of the work done by Both collaborations into a very detailed and comprehensive collection, while also examining the ways that B-Factory Physics has impacted the physics field at large. Read more...






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