KEK Dormitory
Reservations for participants who are not registered KEK users will be provided
importantYou will need to register as KEK users on this page.

For few fields you will find the information that has to be entered in the form there.

Once you register, you will be able to change the password used for KEK registration pages and will also be able to reserve the dorms for the required period. This is done here.

Then follow the link "-->Accomodation Booking and/or Travel-->"Make an Accomodation Booking and/or Apply for Travel Expenses". Somme help with this example and this one.

If you encounter any problem or if you have some question, please contact Bostjan Golob

Urban Hotel
10 minutes walk from the KEK, but 10km from the center of Tsukuba

Okura Frontier Hotel Tsukuba
In the center of Tsukuba, but far from KEK. To go to KEK, the bus is not practical, it's better to take a taxi (around 2500 yen - 28 USD/single trip). Most of the driver understand just "KEK", but in some cases it might be necessary to say "Koh-eh-nel-ghi ken-cue-kikoh"