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Over the last decade BaBar and Belle have studied the physics of bottom and charm mesons, tau leptons, heavy quarkonium states, etc. that were produced at the PEP-II and KEKB e+e- storage rings. The two collaborations contiuously developed more and more sophisticated techniques for extracting the maximum amount of information from data.
Often these techniques have been used in many analyses. However,as most of BaBar's and Belle's 600+ publications are in Physical Review Letters, Physical Review D Rapid Communications, and Physics Letters where the page limits imposed by the journals do not allow for a full description of the analyses, many details of this work have never been published. The Physics of the B-Factories will address this problem by providing descriptions of all of the techniques developed by the experiments, and a comprehensive overview of the measurements. This will provide an essential reference for physicists working at the next generation of Super Flavour Factories.
The book will bring together all of the work done by both collaborations in a single comprehensive collection. As no such work would be complete without discussing the theoretical implications of the measurements performed, there will also be a significant review of the associated theory. Thus, the full impact that the B-Factories and the associated theoretical progress have had on the field of high energy physics will be reviewed through this work.


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