Top Cited Articles of All Time (2006 edition) in gr-qc

The 50 most highly cited papers of All Time (2006 edition) in the gr-qc archive

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  1. 674
    The Einstein equation on the 3-brane world
    By Tetsuya Shiromizu (Cambridge U., DAMTP & Tokyo U. & Tokyo U., RESCEU), Kei-ichi Maeda (Newton Inst. Math. Sci., Cambridge & Waseda U.), Misao Sasaki (Newton Inst. Math. Sci., Cambridge & Tokyo U. & Osaka U.).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.D62:024012,2000 [arXiv: gr-qc/9910076]
    [680 Total citations in HEP]
  2. 659
    Dimensional reduction in quantum gravity
    By Gerard 't Hooft (Utrecht U.).
    HEP Record [arXiv: gr-qc/9310026]
    [664 Total citations in HEP]
  3. 605
    Geometry of the (2+1) black hole
    By Maximo Banados (CECS, Valdivia & Chile U., Santiago & CECS, Valdivia & Brussels U. & CECS, Valdivia & Chile U., Santiago & Princeton, Inst. Advanced Study & CECS, Valdivia & Chile U., Santiago), Marc Henneaux (CECS, Valdivia & Brussels U.), Claudio Teitelboim (CECS, Valdivia & Chile U., Santiago & Princeton, Inst. Advanced Study), Jorge Zanelli (CECS, Valdivia & Chile U., Santiago).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.D48:1506-1525,1993 [arXiv: gr-qc/9302012]
    [608 Total citations in HEP]
  4. 395
    Discreteness of area and volume in quantum gravity
    By Carlo Rovelli (Pittsburgh U.), Lee Smolin (Penn State U.).
    Published in:Nucl.Phys.B442:593-622,1995, Erratum-ibid.B456:753,1995 [arXiv: gr-qc/9411005]
    [401 Total citations in HEP]
  5. 374
    Metric affine gauge theory of gravity: Field equations, Noether identities, world spinors, and breaking of dilation invariance
    By Friedrich W. Hehl (Cologne U.), J.Dermott McCrea (University Coll., Dublin & Dublin Inst.), Eckehard W. Mielke (Cologne U.), Yuval Neeman (Tel Aviv U. & Texas U.).
    Published in:Phys.Rept.258:1-171,1995 [arXiv: gr-qc/9402012]
    [377 Total citations in HEP]
  6. 333
    An Alternative to quintessence
    By Alexander Yu. Kamenshchik (Landau Inst. & Landau Network Centro Volta), Ugo Moschella (Insubria U., Como & INFN, Milan), Vincent Pasquier (Saclay).
    Published in:Phys.Lett.B511:265-268,2001 [arXiv: gr-qc/0103004]
    [345 Total citations in HEP]
  7. 310
    Quantum geometry and black hole entropy
    By A. Ashtekar (Penn State U.), J. Baez (UC, Riverside), A. Corichi (Penn State U. & Mexico U., ICN), Kirill Krasnov (Penn State U.).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.Lett.80:904-907,1998 [arXiv: gr-qc/9710007]
    [311 Total citations in HEP]
  8. 305
    Exponential potentials and cosmological scaling solutions
    By Edmund J. Copeland, Andrew R Liddle (Sussex U.), David Wands (Portsmouth U.).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.D57:4686-4690,1998 [arXiv: gr-qc/9711068]
    [307 Total citations in HEP]
  9. 292
    Black hole entropy in the Noether charge
    By Robert M. Wald (Chicago U., EFI & Chicago U.).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.D48:3427-3431,1993 [arXiv: gr-qc/9307038]
    [297 Total citations in HEP]
  10. 282
    Some properties of Noether charge and a proposal for dynamical black hole entropy
    By Vivek Iyer, Robert M. Wald (Chicago U., EFI & Chicago U.).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.D50:846-864,1994 [arXiv: gr-qc/9403028]
    [287 Total citations in HEP]
  11. 281
    Loop quantum gravity
    By Carlo Rovelli (Pittsburgh U.).
    Published in:Living Rev.Rel.1:1,1998 [arXiv: gr-qc/9710008]
    [281 Total citations in HEP]
  12. 265
    Relativity in space-times with short distance structure governed by an observer independent (Planckian) length scale
    By Giovanni Amelino-Camelia (Rome U.).
    Published in:Int.J.Mod.Phys.D11:35-60,2002 [arXiv: gr-qc/0012051]
    [269 Total citations in HEP]
  13. 260
    Quantization of diffeomorphism invariant theories of connections with local degrees of freedom
    By Abhay Ashtekar (Penn State U.), Jerzy Lewandowski (Warsaw U.), Donald Marolf (UC, Santa Barbara), Jose Mourao (Algarve U.), Thomas Thiemann (Penn State U.).
    Published in:J.Math.Phys.36:6456-6493,1995 [arXiv: gr-qc/9504018]
    [260 Total citations in HEP]
  14. 257
    The Gravitational Hamiltonian, action, entropy and surface terms
    By S.W. Hawking (Cambridge U.), Gary T. Horowitz (UC, Santa Barbara).
    Published in:Class.Quant.Grav.13:1487-1498,1996 [arXiv: gr-qc/9501014]
    [259 Total citations in HEP]
  15. 249
    Brane world gravity
    By Roy Maartens (Portsmouth U., ICG).
    Published in:Living Rev.Rel.7:7,2004 [arXiv: gr-qc/0312059]
    [256 Total citations in HEP]
  16. 244
    Classical equations for quantum systems
    By Murray Gell-Mann (Caltech), James B. Hartle (UC, Santa Barbara).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.D47:3345-3382,1993 [arXiv: gr-qc/9210010]
    [245 Total citations in HEP]
  17. 244
    Quantum gravity and minimum length
    By Luis J. Garay (Imperial Coll., London).
    Published in:Int.J.Mod.Phys.A10:145-166,1995 [arXiv: gr-qc/9403008]
    [249 Total citations in HEP]
  18. 243
    Brane world cosmology
    By Daisuke Ida (Kyoto U.).
    Published in:JHEP 0009:014,2000 [arXiv: gr-qc/9912002]
    [247 Total citations in HEP]
  19. 242
    Entropy, Area, and black hole pairs
    By S.W. Hawking, Gary T. Horowitz (Newton Inst. Math. Sci., Cambridge), Simon F. Ross (Cambridge U.).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.D51:4302-4314,1995 [arXiv: gr-qc/9409013]
    [243 Total citations in HEP]
  20. 241
    The Confrontation between general relativity and experiment
    By Clifford M. Will (Washington U., St. Louis).
    Published in:Living Rev.Rel.4:4,2001 [arXiv: gr-qc/0103036]
    [242 Total citations in HEP]
  21. 240
    Nonstandard optics from quantum space-time
    By Rodolfo Gambini (Republica U., Montevideo), Jorge Pullin (Penn State U.).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.D59:124021,1999 [arXiv: gr-qc/9809038]
    [243 Total citations in HEP]
  22. 237
    Introduction to modern canonical quantum general relativity
    By Thomas Thiemann (Potsdam, Max Planck Inst.).
    HEP Record [arXiv: gr-qc/0110034]
    [239 Total citations in HEP]
  23. 235
    Quantum theory of geometry. 1: Area operators
    By Abhay Ashtekar (Penn State U.), Jerzy Lewandowski (Warsaw U. & Potsdam, Max Planck Inst.).
    Published in:Class.Quant.Grav.14:A55-A82,1997 [arXiv: gr-qc/9602046]
    [236 Total citations in HEP]
  24. 234
    Generalized Chaplygin gas, accelerated expansion and dark energy matter unification
    By M.C. Bento, O. Bertolami, A.A. Sen (Lisbon, IST).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.D66:043507,2002 [arXiv: gr-qc/0202064]
    [241 Total citations in HEP]
  25. 232
    A More accurate analytic calculation of the spectrum of cosmological perturbations produced during inflation
    By Ewan D. Stewart (Kyoto U.), David H. Lyth (Lancaster U.).
    Published in:Phys.Lett.B302:171-175,1993 [arXiv: gr-qc/9302019]
    [238 Total citations in HEP]
  26. 227
    Quantum spin dynamics (QSD)
    By T. Thiemann (Harvard U.).
    Published in:Class.Quant.Grav.15:839-873,1998 [arXiv: gr-qc/9606089]
    [229 Total citations in HEP]
  27. 225
    Gravitational waves from merging compact binaries: How accurately can one extract the binary's parameters from the inspiral wave form?
    By Curt Cutler, Eanna E. Flanagan (Caltech).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.D49:2658-2697,1994 [arXiv: gr-qc/9402014]
    [230 Total citations in HEP]
  28. 223
    From the Big Bang theory to the theory of a stationary universe
    By Andrei D. Linde (Stanford U., Phys. Dept.), Dmitri A. Linde (Gunn High School, Palo Alto), Arthur Mezhlumian (Stanford U., Phys. Dept.).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.D49:1783-1826,1994 [arXiv: gr-qc/9306035]
    [224 Total citations in HEP]
  29. 222
    Kaluza-Klein gravity
    By J.M. Overduin (Victoria U.), P.S. Wesson (Waterloo U. & Stanford U., HEPL).
    Published in:Phys.Rept.283:303-380,1997 [arXiv: gr-qc/9805018]
    [222 Total citations in HEP]
  30. 220
    Spin networks and quantum gravity
    By Carlo Rovelli (Pittsburgh U.), Lee Smolin (Penn State U. & Princeton, Inst. Advanced Study).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.D52:5743-5759,1995 [arXiv: gr-qc/9505006]
    [222 Total citations in HEP]
  31. 217
    Classical black hole production in high-energy collisions
    By Douglas M. Eardley, Steven B. Giddings (UC, Santa Barbara).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.D66:044011,2002 [arXiv: gr-qc/0201034]
    [219 Total citations in HEP]
  32. 213
    General relativity as an effective field theory: The leading quantum corrections
    By John F. Donoghue (Massachusetts U., Amherst).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.D50:3874-3888,1994 [arXiv: gr-qc/9405057]
    [213 Total citations in HEP]
  33. 210
    A New class of unstable modes of rotating relativistic stars
    By Nils Andersson (Washington U., St. Louis).
    Published in:Astrophys.J.502:708-713,1998 [arXiv: gr-qc/9706075]
    [210 Total citations in HEP]
  34. 204
    Background independent quantum gravity: A Status report
    By Abhay Ashtekar (Penn State U. & Potsdam, Max Planck Inst. & Schrodinger Inst., Vienna), Jerzy Lewandowski (Warsaw U. & Penn State U. & Potsdam, Max Planck Inst. & Schrodinger Inst., Vienna).
    Published in:Class.Quant.Grav.21:R53,2004 [arXiv: gr-qc/0404018]
    [206 Total citations in HEP]
  35. 200
    Geometrodynamics of Schwarzschild black holes
    By Karel V. Kuchar (Utah U.).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.D50:3961-3981,1994 [arXiv: gr-qc/9403003]
    [201 Total citations in HEP]
  36. 199
    Dilaton production in string cosmology
    By M. Gasperini (Turin U. & INFN, Turin), G. Veneziano (CERN).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.D50:2519-2540,1994 [arXiv: gr-qc/9403031]
    [199 Total citations in HEP]
  37. 193
    Real Ashtekar variables for Lorentzian signature space times
    By J.Fernando Barbero (Penn State U. & Madrid, IMAFF).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.D51:5507-5510,1995 [arXiv: gr-qc/9410014]
    [194 Total citations in HEP]
  38. 192
    Spectroscopy of the quantum black hole
    By Jacob D. Bekenstein (Hebrew U.), Viatcheslav F. Mukhanov (Zurich, ETH).
    Published in:Phys.Lett.B360:7-12,1995 [arXiv: gr-qc/9505012]
    [193 Total citations in HEP]
  39. 191
    Quasinormal modes of stars and black holes
    By Kostas D. Kokkotas (Thessaloniki U.), Bernd G. Schmidt (Potsdam, Max Planck Inst.).
    Published in:Living Rev.Rel.2:2,1999 [arXiv: gr-qc/9909058]
    [200 Total citations in HEP]
  40. 191
    Black hole evaporation without information loss
    By Christopher R. Stephens, Gerard 't Hooft, Bernard F. Whiting (Utrecht U.).
    Published in:Class.Quant.Grav.11:621-648,1994 [arXiv: gr-qc/9310006]
    [193 Total citations in HEP]
  41. 185
    The Statistical mechanics of the (2+1)-dimensional black hole
    By S. Carlip (UC, Davis).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.D51:632-637,1995 [arXiv: gr-qc/9409052]
    [185 Total citations in HEP]
  42. 183
    Bohr's correspondence principle and the area spectrum of quantum black holes
    By Shahar Hod (Hebrew U.).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.Lett.81:4293,1998 [arXiv: gr-qc/9812002]
    [185 Total citations in HEP]
  43. 177
    Relativistic spin networks and quantum gravity
    By John W. Barrett (Nottingham U.), Louis Crane (Kansas State U.).
    Published in:J.Math.Phys.39:3296-3302,1998 [arXiv: gr-qc/9709028]
    [177 Total citations in HEP]
  44. 176
    On the numerical integration of Einstein's field equations
    By Thomas W. Baumgarte (Illinois U., Urbana), Stuart L. Shapiro (Illinois U., Urbana, Astron. Dept.).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.D59:024007,1999 [arXiv: gr-qc/9810065]
    [181 Total citations in HEP]
  45. 175
    Measuring gravitational waves from binary black hole coalescences: 1. Signal-to-noise for inspiral, merger, and ringdown
    By Eanna E. Flanagan (Cornell U., LNS), Scott A. Hughes (Caltech).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.D57:4535-4565,1998 [arXiv: gr-qc/9701039]
    [178 Total citations in HEP]
  46. 174
    Indication, from Pioneer 10 / 11, Galileo, and Ulysses data, of an apparent anomalous, weak, long range acceleration
    By John D. Anderson (Caltech), Philip A. Laing (Aerospace Corp.), Eunice L. Lau (Caltech), Anthony S. Liu (Astrodynamic Sci.), Michael Martin Nieto (Los Alamos), Slava G. Turyshev (Caltech).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.Lett.81:2858-2861,1998 [arXiv: gr-qc/9808081]
    [177 Total citations in HEP]
  47. 172
    Quantum geometry of isolated horizons and black hole entropy
    By A. Ashtekar (Penn State U. & Santa Barbara, KITP), John C. Baez (UC, Riverside & Penn State U.), Kirill Krasnov (UC, Santa Barbara & Santa Barbara, KITP).
    Published in:Adv.Theor.Math.Phys.4:1-94,2000 [arXiv: gr-qc/0005126]
    [173 Total citations in HEP]
  48. 171
    Reconstruction of a scalar tensor theory of gravity in an accelerating universe
    By B. Boisseau (Tours U.), G. Esposito-Farese (Marseille, CPT & Meudon Observ.), D. Polarski (Tours U. & Meudon Observ.), Alexei A. Starobinsky (Landau Inst. & Newton Inst. Math. Sci., Cambridge).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.Lett.85:2236,2000 [arXiv: gr-qc/0001066]
    [173 Total citations in HEP]
  49. 170
    Temperature, energy and heat capacity of asymptotically anti-de Sitter black holes
    By J.David Brown (North Carolina State U.), J. Creighton, R.B. Mann (Waterloo U.).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.D50:6394-6403,1994 [arXiv: gr-qc/9405007]
    [171 Total citations in HEP]
  50. 169
    Study of the anomalous acceleration of Pioneer 10 and 11
    By John D. Anderson (Caltech, JPL), Philip A. Laing (Aerospace Corp.), Eunice L. Lau (Caltech, JPL), Anthony S. Liu (Astrodynamic Sci.), Michael Martin Nieto (Los Alamos), Slava G. Turyshev (Caltech, JPL).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.D65:082004,2002 [arXiv: gr-qc/0104064]
    [172 Total citations in HEP]