SLAC Welcome Page Committee Charge

SLAC's Welcome Page plays a critical role in explaining SLAC's scientific mission, activities, and accomplishments to a variety of non-technical audiences including the general public, other laboratories, and audiences within the Federal government. To ensure that this page presents SLAC's best face to the public world, the Web Coordinating Committee has appointed a subcommittee to be in charge of this page.

Welcome Page Committee Charge

  1. Manages the design, scope, and content of the Welcome Page;
  2. Ensures that other Web pages linked form this page are accurate, appropriately written for this audience, and represent the best possible choices of what we could tell the non-technical public about SLAC;
  3. Identifies and fills gaps in the web information we offer to the general public.

Committee Composition

The Welcome Page subcommittee reports to the Chair of the WWW Coordinating Committee. Current memberships includes:

Feedback concerning the welcome page is welcome.

All significant policy or content issues are referred to the WWW Coordinating Committee for review and approval.

The WWWCC reviews the committee's charge, accomplishments, and composition annually.

Owner: P. Kreitz for WWW-CC
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