Next Seminar:
Pimping Your Terminal
Chris Davis
Time: 12:00 pm July 1, 2015
Location: 2nd Floor Kavli

You probably spend a lot of time in front of your computer. Depending on your field, you might also spend most of that time on some combination of unix terminal and stack overflow. Like religion, politics, sex, and modern physics, terminal customization should not be discussed `in polite company' -- which is why I will share my personal setup with y'all at SASS. I encourage everyone to come in with strong feelings about classic dualisms like vim and emacs, tmux and screen, bash and csh, git and those other version control softwares I occasionally have to use to get those damn packages, python and IDL/root/matlab/mathematica, especially since I completely denigrate at least one item in each pair (because it sucks). I hope you learn a couple nuggets to make your computing life easier! As a preview, my dotfiles are at https://github.com/cpadavis/dotfiles . (Many programmers back their terminal configurations so that if they move to a new computer, they won't need to do much more than clone that repository to obtain their terminal settings. See, you're already learning!)