Development of an ultrafast high average power, high repetition rate laser for LCLS-II

Speaker: Matt Windeler

Time: 12:00PM November 16 2017

Location: Kavli 2nd floor conference room


The free-electron laser of LCLS-II will see an increase in repetition rate from 120 Hz to 1 MHz due to superconducting accelerator technology. This will enable new studies with light in the tender x-ray regime at high repetition rates. However, many of these experiments require an additional optical source to either pump or probe the sample being studied. A laser capable of providing high pulse energies at high repetition rates is required to complement LCLS-II. An optical parametric chirped pulse amplifier (OPCPA) is being developed to provide initial parameters of 100 W average power, 15 fs pulse duration, 100 kHz repetition rate, and wavelength tunability from 700 nm to 1 um. OPCPAs, based on parametric amplification, are not limited in their scalability due to thermal effects, unlike traditional population inversion lasers. Recent advances in Yb:YAG amplifiers have enabled OPCPAs to push the frontiers of ultrafast technology forward. One such system, a kilowatt Innoslab amplifier, is used as the pump laser for the OPCPA in development. An additional infrared mode of the OPCPA will be presented, as well as several wavelength extension schemes to further expand the wavelengths and pulse durations offered by the system.