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Technique Example Finds Results That:
word variations (stemming) admin ...begin with admin, such as admin, administration, administrators, and so on.
capital letters BaBar, TIP, Dorfan ...contain these capitalized words. Use capital letters only if you want exact matches on words, for example, names of people, places, or organizations.
words help desk ...contain either or both of these words.
quotes "help desk" ...contain this exact phrase.
plus sign +help +desk ...contains both of these words.
minus sign help -desk ...contains the word help but not the word desk.
title: title:holiday ...contains this word in the document title.
title: and quotes title:"help desk" ...contains this phrase in the document title.
url: url:holiday ...contains this word in the URL.
link: link:detailed.html ...contains the word in the linked URL.


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