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QuarkNet at SLAC/Stanford

What Is QuarkNet?

QuarkNet is an educational program sponsored by the National Science Foundation and the U.S. Department of Energy, designed to involve high school physical science teachers in cutting-edge high energy physics research. These teachers work together to develop curriculum to bring their experiences back to their classrooms, exposing students to the physics and technology of particle physics. 

QuarkNet at SLAC

At the end of 2005, SLAC completed an entire four-year QuarkNet cycle. The SLAC Mentors wish to thank QuarkNet and most especially the high school teachers who participated in this successful program. Please stay tuned for future educational outreach developments.

If you have questions about the SLAC Educational Outreach program, please contact Dr. Michael Woods, 650-926-3609.

Archived web pages from our previous QuarkNet program can be found here.

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