Proceedings of the 1996 DPF/DPB Summer Study on New Directions in High-energy Physics (PDF Files)

PDF files are available for the complete contents of the Proceedings of the 1996 DPF/DPB Summer Study on New Directions in High-energy Physics. This page provides links to those files. (Some of the articles included in the Snowmass96 proceedings are also available in compressed PostScript.)


Front Matter
Table of ContentsPROCTOC.PDF
Author IndexINDEX.PDF
Preface--D. Cassel, R. SiemannOPS001.PDF
Publication of the Proceedings of the 1996 DPF/DPB Summer Study on New Directions in High-Energy Physics--L. GennariOPS001.PDF
Opening Plenary Session
A High Energy Physics Perspective--W. MarcianoOPS001.PDF
Experimental Limits on SUSY and Other New Phenomena--S. WuOPS002.PDF
The Quest for New Phenomena--I. HinchliffeOPS003.PDF
Future Directions in QCD--J. BjorkenOPS004.PDF
Top Quark Physics Results from CDF and D0--D. GerdesOPS005.PDF
Electroweak Physics Results from the Tevatron--M. DemarteauOPS006.PDF
The Next Linear Collider--D. BurkeOPS007.PDF
Linear Collider Studies at DESY--R. BrinkmannOPS008.PDF
The Fermilab Proton-Antiproton Collider Upgrades--J. MarrinerOPS009.PDF
The Large Hadron Collider LHC--E. KeilOPS010.PDF
Really Large Hadron Colliders--G. DuganOPS011.PDF
High Transverse Momentum Physics at the Large Hadron Collider--I. Hinchliffe, J. WomersleyOPS012.PDF
Accelerator Working Group
Summary Report from the Accelerator Working Group--M. Harrison, S. Holmes, J. Paterson, J. WurteleACC013.PDF
Summary of the TeV33 Working Group--P. Bagley, F. Bieniosek, P. Colestock, A. Gerasimov, G. Jackson, J. Johnstone, J. MacLachlan, J. Marriner, C. Mishra, S. Pruss, S. Shukla, R. Siemann, W. WanACC014.PDF
Slip Stacking in the Fermilab Main Injector--S. Shukla, J. Marriner, J. GriffinACC015.PDF
Crossing Angles in the Beam-Beam Interaction--R. SiemannACC016.PDF
A Method for Finding 4D Symplectic Maps with Reduced Chaos--W. Wan, J. Cary, S. ShasharinaACC017.PDF
Summary of the NLC Accelerator Working Group--J. Irwin, T. RaubenheimerACC018.PDF
Operation and Expected Performance of the NLC Main Linacs--R. Assmann, T. RaubenheimerACC019.PDF
NLC Final Quadrupole Support--G. BowdenACC020.PDF
Backgrounds at the Next Linear Collider--S. Hertzbach, T. Markiewicz, T. Maruyama, R. MessnerACC021.PDF
Laser Optics for a $\gamma \gamma$ Collider--D. Klem, L. SeppalaACC022.PDF
Relativistic Klystron Two-Beam Accelerator Approach to Multi-TeV $e^+ e^-$ Linear Colliders--S. Lidia, T. Houck, G. Westenskow, S. YuACC023.PDF
Conversion and Interaction Point Simulation of a $\gamma \gamma$ Collider at the NLC--T. Takahashi, K. Yokoya, V. Telnov, K.-J. Kim, M. XieACC024.PDF
Design Status of the NLC Beam-Delivery System and Possible Future Studies--F. Zimmermann, G. Bowden, D. Burke, Y. Cai, P. Emma, L. Eriksson, R. Helm, S. Hertzbach, J. Irwin, T. Maruyama, T. Markiewicz, R. Messner, Y. Nosochkov, T. Raubenheimer, J. Spencer, G. Stupakov, P. Tenenbaum, D. Walz, M. Woodley, M. Woods, Y. YanACC025.PDF
Status Report of a High Luminosity Muon Collider and Future Research and Development Plans--R. Palmer, A. Tollestrup, A. SesslerACC026.PDF
Coherent Synchrotron Radiation in the Isochronous Muon Collider Ring--J. GallardoACC027.PDF
A Preliminary Lattice for a 2-TeV Muon Collider Ring--A. Garren, C. JohnstoneACC028.PDF
An IR and Chromatic Correction Design for a 2-TeV Muon Collider--A. Garren, C. JohnstoneACC029.PDF
Optimization of a Muon Collider Interaction Region with Respect to Detector Backgrounds and the Heat Load to the Cryogenic Systems--C. Johnstone, N. MokhovACC030.PDF
SNOWMASS96-Session on Acceleration Systems for the $\mu^+\mu^-$ Collider--D. NeufferACC031.PDF
Reliability of $\alpha_1$ and $\alpha_2$ from Lattice Codes --K. NgACC032.PDF
Hybrid Rings of Fixed 8T Superconducting Magnets and Iron Magnets Rapidly Cycling between -2T and +2T for a Muon Collider--D. SummersACC033.PDF
A Comparative Study of RF and Induction Linac Approaches to Phase Rotation of a Muon Bunch in the Production Region of a $\mu^+\mu^-$ Collider--W. Turner, H. KirkACC034.PDF
Pulsed Dipole Magnets for the Muon Collider --E. WillenACC035.PDF
Conceptual Design of $Nb_3Sn$ Magnets for the Muon Collider Ring--E. WillenACC036.PDF
Really Large Hadron Collider Working Group Summary--G. Dugan, P. Limon, M. SyphersACC037.PDF
Geology of the Greater Fermilab Region--R. Bauer, D. GrossACC038.PDF
Field Quality Issues in Iron-dominated Dipoles at Low Fields--B. BrownACC039.PDF
Summary of the Very Large Hadron Collider Physics and Detector Subgroup--D. Denisov, S. KellerACC040.PDF
Physics Per Buck and the RLHC--R. DieboldACC041.PDF
Estimated Inner Triplet Quadrupole Length and Aperture for Really Large Hadron Colliders of Ebeam = 30, 60, 100 TeV--S. Feher, J. StraitACC042.PDF
Pipetron Tunnel Construction Issues--J. Friant, R. Bauer, D. Gross, M. May, J. LachACC043.PDF
Forward Physics with the "Pipetron"--L. Jones, M. Albrow, H. Gustafson, C. TaylorACC044.PDF
Magnet Alignment for a Low Field Really Large Hadron Collider--H. J\”ostleinACC045.PDF
Magnet Installation and Human Presence in the Tunnel--H. J\”ostleinACC046.PDF
Power Circuit and Quench Protection for the Pipetron Magnet Transmission Line--K. Koepke, A. Zlobin, W. FosterACC047.PDF
The Optimum Energy of the Really Large Hadron Collider Sited at Fermilab--P. LimonACC048.PDF
New Technologies for a Future Superconducting Proton Collider at Fermilab--E. MalamudACC049.PDF
Cryogenic Systems for the Low Field RLHC Study Cases--M. McAshan, P. MazurACC050.PDF
Cryogenic Systems for the High Field RLHC Study Cases--M. McAshan, P. MazurACC051.PDF
Extracted Beam Lines and Absorbers for a 50x50 TeV Hadron Collider--N. Mokhov, C. Murphy, S. PrussACC052.PDF
A High Energy $e^+e^-$ Collider in a "Really Large" Tunnel--J. Norem, E. KeilACC053.PDF
Tolerable Systematic Errors in Really Large Hadron Colliders--S. Peggs, F. DellACC054.PDF
Lattices for a High-Field 30 TeV Hadron Collider--S. Peggs, F. Dell, M. Syphers, S. Tepikian, M. HarrisonACC055.PDF
Collective Effects and Impedances in the RLHC(s)--J. RogersACC056.PDF
Beam Tube Vacuum in Low Field and High Field Very Large Hadron Colliders--W. TurnerACC057.PDF
Crab Crossing in a Large Hadron Collider--J. WeiACC058.PDF
Interaction Region Analysis for a High-Field Hadron Collider--J. Wei, S. Peggs, G. GoderreACC059.PDF
Advanced Accelerator Technologies-A Snowmass'96 Subgroup Summary--S. Chattopadhyay, D. Whittum, J. WurteleACC060.PDF
A Diffractive Model for Short-Range Wakefields in Rectangular Accelerating Structures--S. Ben-Menahem, D. YuACC061.PDF
On Wakefields with Two-Dimensional Planar Geometry--A. Chao, K. BaneACC062.PDF
A 5-TeV-C.M. Collider on the NLC Site--P. Chen, J. Irwin, T. Markiewicz, T. Raubenheimer, R. Ruth, P. Wilson, D. YeremianACC063.PDF
Gyrotron Amplifiers for Driving Multi-TeV Colliders at Microwave Wavelengths < 1 cm--V. Granatstein, G. Saraph, G. Nusinovich, W. LawsonACC064.PDF
The Design and Fabrication of a Millimeter Wave Linear Accelerator--Y. Kang, G. Waldschmidt, J. Song, A. Nassiri, R. KustomACC065.PDF
An Energy Upgrade from TESLA to a High Energy $\mu^+ \mu^- $ Collider--D. Neuffer, H. Edwards, D. FinleyACC066.PDF
A Linear Collider Based on Nonlinear Plasma Wake-field Acceleration--J. Rosenzweig, N. Barov, E. Colby, P. ColestockACC067.PDF
Wake-Fields in Planar Dielectric-Loaded Structures--A. Tremaine, J. Rosenzweig, P. Schoessow, W. GaiACC068.PDF
Diffraction Model of a Step-out Transition for a Sheet Beam in Planar Geometry--F. Zimmermann, A. ChaoACC069.PDF
Detector Working Group
Report of the TeV 33 Detector Working Group--F. Borcherding, K. Byrum, R. Demina, D. Denisov, H. Fisk, J. Guida, N. Hadley, M. Johnson, T. LeCompte, R. Lipton, R. Partridge, G. WattsDET070.PDF
D0 Muon System at TEV33--D. DenisovDET071.PDF
Expected Performance of the CDF Plug Upgrade Calorimeter at TeV33--K. Hara, S. Kim, K. TakikawaDET072.PDF
Upgrading the D0 Fiber Tracker for TeV33--R. Partridge, G. WattsDET073.PDF
On the Possibility of Speeding-up Time Response of the D0 Calorimeter--H. PiekarzDET074.PDF
Using Microgap Chambers as a Self Contained Trigger in D0 for TeV33--G. Watts, M. JohnsonDET075.PDF
Ideas for the NLC Detector--C. Damerell, G. Bowden, J. Brau, M. Breidenbach, R. Frey, G. Gollin, S. Hertzbach, D. Jackson, R. Jacobsen, J. Jaros, A. Lu, T. Markiewicz, T. Maruyama, T. Messner, J. Russell, T. Usher, M. WoodsDET076.PDF
Calorimetry for the NLC Detector--J. Brau, A. Arodzero, D. StromDET077.PDF
Vertex Detector Technology and Jet Flavour Identification at the Future $e^+e^-$ Linear Collider--C. Damerell, D. JacksonDET078.PDF
Backgrounds and Detectors for High-Energy $\gamma\gamma$ Colliders--A. WeidemannDET079.PDF
Backgrounds and Detector Issues at a Muon Collider--S. GeerDET080.PDF
Study of Detector Backgrounds in a Muon Collider --I. Stumer, H. Gordon, S. Kahn, D. Lissauer, A. Luccio, H. Ma, M. Murtagh, F. Paige, R. Palmer, P. Rehak, V. Polychronakos, V. Tcherniatine, W. Willis, O. BenaryDET081.PDF
Directional Muon Jet Chamber for a Muon Collider (Groovy Chamber)--M. AtacDET082.PDF
The Pixel Microtelescope--S. Geer, J. ChapmanDET083.PDF
Light Higgs Working Group
Weakly-Coupled Higgs Bosons and Precision Electroweak Physics--H. Haber, T. Han, F. Merritt, J. Womersley, U. Baur, M. Demarteau, C. Kao, P. Rowson, J. Gunion, R. Van Kooten, L. PoggioliLTH084.PDF
Precision Electroweak Physics at Future Collider Experiments--U. Baur, M. Demarteau, C. Balazs, D. Errede, S. Errede, T. Han, S. Keller, Y. Kim, A. Kotwal, F. Merritt, S. Rajagopalan, R. Sobey, M. Swartz, D. Wackeroth, J. WomersleyLTH085.PDF
Implications of $\mu \nu \gamma \gamma$ Production on Precision Measurments of the $W$ Mass--R. Sobey, U. Baur, T. Han, D. ZeppenfeldLTH086.PDF
Electroweak Radiative Corrections to W Boson Production at the Tevatron--U. Baur, S. Keller, D. WackerothLTH087.PDF
Precision Measurement of $\sin^2\theta_w$ and the Beam Polarizations at the NLC--F. Cuypers, P. GambinoLTH088.PDF
Measuring the Mass of the W at the LHC--S. Keller, J. WomersleyLTH089.PDF
Effects of Multiple Interactions and Pileup on the W Mass Measurement in the Electron Channel at D0 in Run II and TeV33--A. KotwalLTH090.PDF
Measurement of $M_w$ Using the Transverse Mass Ratio of W and Z--S. Rajagopalan, M. RijssenbeekLTH091.PDF
Higgs Boson Discovery and Properties--J. Gunion, L. Poggioli, R. Van Kooten, C. Kao, P. Rowson, S. Abdullin, V. Barger, M. Berger, D. Bauer, M. Carena, C. Damerell, M. Fortner, R. Frey, H. Haber, T. Han, X. He, D. Hedin, C. Heusch, D. Jackson, R. Jesik, J. Kelly, S. Kim, S. Kuhlmann, C. Loomis, P. Martin, T. Moroi, K. Pitts, L. Reina, R. Sobey, N. Stepanov, R. Szalapski, R. Vega, C. Wagner, J. Womersley, W. Yao, R. ZhuLTH092.PDF
Signals from Flavor Changing Scalar Currents at the Future Colliders--D. Atwood, L. Reina, A. SoniLTH093.PDF
A Higgs-Factory $\mu^+\mu^-$ Collider--D. ClineLTH094.PDF
Will At Least One of the Higgs Bosons of the Next-to-Minimal Supersymmetric Extension of the Standard Model be Observable at LEP2 or the LHC?--J. Gunion, H. Haber, T. MoroiLTH095.PDF
Searching for Doubly-Charged Higgs Bosons at Future Colliders--J. Gunion, C. Loomis, K. PittsLTH096.PDF
Studies of the Mass Resolution of bb Dijets--D. HedinLTH097.PDF
Improvement of Signal Significance in WH $\rightarrow l + \nu + b + \bar b$ Search at TeV33--S. Kim, S. Kuhlmann, W. YaoLTH098.PDF
Aspects of Scalar Production ($m_h\leq 300 GeV$) in the $e^-e^-$ Collider Operating Mode--P. MinkowskiLTH099.PDF
Prospects for Observing Higgs in $ZH\rightarrow(\nu \bar \nu,l^+l^-)b\bar b$ Channel at TeV33--W. YaoLTH100.PDF
Physics of High-Energy $\gamma\gamma$, $e\gamma$, and $e^-e^-$ Collisions--D. Bauer, A. WeidemannLTH101.PDF
Discriminating Between Higgs Boson Models Using $e^+e^-\rightarrow t\bar th$ and $Zh$ at the NLC--J. Gunion, X. HeLTH102.PDF
Using Higgs Pair Production in $e^+e^-$ or $\mu^+\mu^-$ Collisions to Probe GUT-Scale Boundary Conditions in the Minimal Supersymmetric Model--J. Gunion, J. KellyLTH103.PDF
Measuring the Higgs to Photon-Photon Branching Ratio at the Next Linear $e^+e^-$ Collider--J. Gunion, P. MartinLTH104.PDF
SUSY Working Group
Summary of the Supersymmetry Working Group--J. Bagger, U. Nauenberg, X. Tata, A. WhiteSUP105.PDF
Report of the Supersymmetry Theory Subgroup--J. Amundson, G. Anderson, H. Baer, J. Bagger, R. Barnett, C. Chen, G. Cleaver, B. Dobrescu, M. Drees, J. Gunion, G. Kane, B. Kayser, C. Kolda, J. Lykken, S. Martin, T. Moroi, S. Mrenna, M. Nojiri, D. Pierce, X. Tata, S. Thomas, J. Wells, B. Wright, Y. YamadaSUP106.PDF
Motivations for and Implications of Non-Universal GUT-Scale Boundary Conditions for Soft SUSY-Breaking Parameters--G. Anderson, C. Chen, J. Gunion, J. Lykken, T. Moroi, Y. YamadaSUP107.PDF
Using Kinematical Characteristics to Identify Squarks and Gluinos--R. BarnettSUP108.PDF
Signals of Dynamical Supersymmetry Breaking in a Hidden Sector--B. Dobrescu, S. MrennaSUP109.PDF
Decays of Long Lived Lightest Supersymmetric Particles in the Galactic Halo--M. DiwanSUP110.PDF
Supersymmetry Prospects at an Upgraded Fermilab Tevatron Collider--S. Mrenna, M. Diwan, S. Lammel, H. Baer, M. Barnett, A. Barbero-Galtieri, W. Yao, K. De, M. Sosebee, T. Kamon, D. Norman, J. WhiteSUP111.PDF
SUSY at LHC--A. Bartl, J. S\”oderqvist, F. Paige, L. Poggioli, H. Baer, R. Cahn, I. Hinchliffe, M. Shapiro, W. Yao, C. Chen, A. Seiden, J. Pilcher, X. Tata, A. Skuja, W. Campbell, A. WhiteSUP112.PDF
Tau Polarization in the Analysis of $\tilde \chi^0_2 \rightarrow \tilde \chi^0_1l^+l^-$--R. CahnSUP113.PDF
Determining SUSY Particle Masses at LHC--F. PaigeSUP114.PDF
Determination of the Neutralino Mass Difference between $\tilde\chi^0_2 $ and $\tilde\chi^0_1 $ and its Relation to the mSUGRA Model Parameter $m_{1/2}$--J. S\”oderqvistSUP115.PDF
Measurement of Gluino-Sbottom Mass Splitting--W. YaoSUP116.PDF
Supersymmetry at the NLC--M. Danielson, S. Fahey, U. Nauenberg, D. Wagner, B. Williams, H. Baer, R. Munroe, K. Fujii, M. Nojiri, X. Tata, J. Feng, F. Cuypers, D. Burke, R. Dubois, M. Peskin, D. Pierce, J. Wells, M. Drees, S. Manly, E. GoodmanSUP117.PDF
Strong Coupling Working Group
Strong Coupling Electroweak Symmetry Breaking--T. Barklow, G. Burdman, R. Chivukula, B. Dobrescu, P. Drell, N. Hadley, W. Kilgore, M. Peskin, J. Terning, D. WoodSTC118.PDF
Top Quark Physics: Future Measurements--R. Frey, D. Gerdes, J. Jaros, S. Vejcik, E. Berger, R. Chivukula, F. Cuypers, P. Drell, M. Fero, N. Hadley, T. Han, A. Heinson, B. Knuteson, F. Larios, H. Miettinen, L. Orr, M. Peskin, R. Raja, T. Rizzo, U. Sarid, C. Schmidt, T. Stelzer, Z. SullivanSTC119.PDF
Inclusive Production of $t\bar{t}$ Pairs in Hadronic Collisions--E. Berger, H. ContopanagosSTC120.PDF
Top Priorities: Questions for Snowmass '96--C. QuiggSTC121.PDF
On Measuring the Top Quark Mass Using the Dilepton Decay Modes--R. RajaSTC122.PDF
Using Final State Gluons as Probes of Anomalous Top Quark Couplings at the Next Linear Collider--T. RizzoSTC123.PDF
Precision Top Mass Measurements vs. Yukawa Unification Predictions--U. SaridSTC124.PDF
Measuring $\mid V_{tb}\mid $ at Hadron Colliders--T. StelzerSTC125.PDF
Supersymmetric QCD Correction to Top-Quark Production at the Tevatron--Z. SullivanSTC126.PDF
Anomalous Gauge Boson Couplings--T. Barklow, U. Baur, F. Cuypers, S. Dawson, D. Errede, S. Errede, S. Godfrey, T. Han, P. Kalyniak, K. Riles, T. Rizzo, R. Sobey, D. Strom, R. Szalapski, B. Ward, J. Womersley, J. Wudka, D. ZeppenfeldSTC127.PDF
The Polarization Asymmetry in $\gamma e$ Collisions at the NLC and Triple Gauge Boson Couplings--T. RizzoSTC128.PDF
Using $e^+e^- \rightarrow \nu \bar\nu t \bar t$ to Probe Strong Electroweak Symmetry Breaking at the NLC --T. BarklowSTC129.PDF
$t \bar t$ Production via Vector Boson Fusion at High Energy $e^+e^-$ Colliders--M. Gintner, S. GodfreySTC130.PDF
Measuring Chiral Parameters in the Strongly Interacting W System at a Linear Collider--W. KilianSTC131.PDF
Distinguishing Among Models of Strong WW Scattering at the LHC--W. KilgoreSTC132.PDF
Strong WW scattering. Chiral Lagrangians, Unitarity and Resonances--J. Pal\’aezSTC133.PDF
Strong WW Scattering at LHC--D. WoodSTC134.PDF
New Phenomena Working Group
Discovery Potential for New Phenomena--S. Godfrey, J. Hewett, L. PriceNEW135.PDF
Extended Gauge Sectors at Future Colliders: Report of the New Gauge Boson Subgroup--T. RizzoNEW136.PDF
Systematics Effects in $Z'$ Searches at the NLC--F. CuypersNEW137.PDF
Search Limits for Extra Gauge Bosons at High Energy Lepton Colliders--S. GodfreyNEW138.PDF
Signatures of Extended Gauge Models in $e^+e^-\to\nu\bar\nu\gamma$--J. HewettNEW139.PDF
Z' Bosons and Supersymmetry--J. LykkenNEW140.PDF
Study of Z' Couplings to Leptons and Quarks at NLC--S. RiemannNEW141.PDF
Searches for New Gauge Bosons at Future Colliders--T. RizzoNEW142.PDF
Z' at LHC--C. WulzNEW143.PDF
Discovering New Particles at Colliders--M. Berger, W. Merritt, R. Barnett, F. Cuypers, S. Davidson, M. Doncheski, S. Godfrey, P. Kalyniak, I. Melo, J. Hewett, T. Rizzo, D. Krakauer, R. Vidal, R. Peccei, J. Slaughter, G. WrochnaNEW144.PDF
Indirect Leptoquark Searches at Polarized Lepton Colliders--M. BergerNEW145.PDF
Bilepton Searches at the NLC--F. Cuypers, S. DavidsonNEW146.PDF
Probing Quartic Couplings Through Three Gauge Boson Production at an $e^+e^-$ Collider--S. Dawson, A. Likhoded, G. Valencia, O. YushchenkoNEW147.PDF
Leptoquark Production and Identification in High Energy $\mu^+ \mu^-$, $e^+e^-$, and $e\gamma$ Collisions--M. Doncheski, S. GodfreyNEW148.PDF
Heavy Majorana Neutrinos in $e^-e^-$ collisions--C. Greub, P. MinkowskiNEW149.PDF
Single Neutral Heavy Lepton Production in $e^+e^-$ and $\mu^+ \mu^-$ Colliders--P. Kalyniak, I. MeloNEW150.PDF
Searches for Scalar and Vector Leptoquarks at Future Hadron Colliders--T. RizzoNEW151.PDF
The Search for Pseudogoldstone Bosons at a High Energy Linear Collider--M. SwartzNEW152.PDF
Searching for New Strongly Interacting Fermions with Future Colliders--R. VidalNEW153.PDF
First Look at Leptoquarks in CMS--G. WrochnaNEW154.PDF
Discovering New Interactions at Colliders--K. Cheung, R. HarrisNEW155.PDF
Topcolor Models and Scalar Spectrum--G. BurdmanNEW156.PDF
Limits on Anomalous Couplings of Quarks From Prompt Photon Data--K. Cheung, D. SilvermanNEW157.PDF
Quark Anomalous Chromomagnetic Moment Bounds - Projection to Higher Luminosities and Energy--K. Cheung, D. SilvermanNEW158.PDF
Probing Contact Interactions at High Energy Lepton Colliders--K. Cheung, S. Godfrey, J. HewettNEW159.PDF
Sensitivity to Quark and Lepton Compositeness at the Tevatron--P. de Barbaro, A. Bodek, B. Kim, Q. Fan, R. HarrisNEW160.PDF
Prospects of a Baryon Instability Search in Neutron-Antineutron Oscillations--Y. Efremenko, Y. KamyshkovNEW161.PDF
Electroweak and Flavor Dynamics at Hadron Colliders-I--E. Eichten, K. LaneNEW162.PDF
Electroweak and Flavor Dynamics at Hadron Colliders-II--E. Eichten, K. LaneNEW163.PDF
Discovery Mass Reach for Excited Quarks at Hadron Colliders--R. HarrisNEW164.PDF
Discovery Mass Reach for Topgluons Decaying to $b \bar b$ at the Tevatron--R. HarrisNEW165.PDF
Discovery Mass Reach for Topgluons Decaying to $t \bar t$ at the Tevatron--R. HarrisNEW166.PDF
Why--and Where--To Look for Heavy Majorana Neutrinos--C. HeuschNEW167.PDF
Fixed Target Moller Scattering at the NLC--K. KumarNEW168.PDF
Gluon Fusion in Technicolor at LHC--T. LeeNEW169.PDF
Constraints on Anomalous Top Quark Couplings at the LHC--T. RizzoNEW170.PDF
Constraints on $q\bar q\gamma \gamma$ Contact Interactions at Future Hadron Colliders--T. RizzoNEW171.PDF
Search for Exotica and Compositeness at LEP--S. ShevchenkoNEW172.PDF
Limits on Flavor-Universal Colorons--E. SimmonsNEW173.PDF
Sensitivity to New Physics in the W + jet-jet Decay Channel at the Tevatron--D. TobackNEW174.PDF
Discovering Technicolor at Hadron Colliders--J. WomersleyNEW175.PDF
The Meaning of Anomalous Couplings--J. WudkaNEW176.PDF
QCD Working Group
QCD: Challenges for the Future--P. Burrows, S. Dawson, L. Orr, W. SmithQCD177.PDF
Structure Function Subgroup Summary--M. Albrow, T. Bolton, A. Caldwell, A. El-Khadra, B. Ermolaev, J. Gary, D. Harris, E. Hughes, J. Huston, D. Jansen, Y. Kim, D. Krakauer, S. Kuhlmann, H. Lai, D. Naples, F. Olness, D. Reeder, M. Reno, S. Ritz, R. Scalise, B. Schumm, P. Spentzouris, C. Taylor, W. Tung, J. Wang, X. Wang, B. Ward, H. Weerts, A. White, J. Whitmore, W. YuQCD178.PDF
Systematic Errors in PDF $\alpha_S$ Fits--T. BoltonQCD179.PDF
Prospects for the Precision Measurement of $\alpha_s$--P. Burrows, L. Dixon, A. El-Khadra, J. Gary, W. Giele, D. Harris, S. Ritz, B. SchummQCD180.PDF
QCD Subgroup on Diffractive and Forward Physics--M. Albrow, W. Baker, A. Bhatti, J. Bjorken, A. Brandt, M. Cummings, K. Eggert, N. Giokaris, K. Goulianos, A. Goussiou, H. Gustafson, T. Heuring, I. Hinchliffe, R. Hirosky, J. Huston, J. Iwai, D. Jansen, L. Jones, K. Kondo, K. Kowalski, S. Kuhlmann, B. May, P. Melese, F. Olness, J. Orear, S. Ritz, G. Snow, C. Taylor, H. Weerts, A. White, J. Whitmore, T. TaylorQCD181.PDF
Report of Spin Physics Subgroup--E. Hughes, J. QiuQCD182.PDF
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