Spring 2005 Issue: Paper 2

Authors: R. Bellazzini and G. Spandre
Title: "Gas Pixel Detectors"
Abstract: We present a new class of Micro Pattern Gas Detectors in which a complete integration between the gas amplification structure and a pixelized read-out electronics has been reached. We call this device the Gas Pixel Detector (GPD). For this purpose we have developed and built two generations of an Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) in deep sub-micron VLSI technology. The CMOS chip has the top metal layer patterned in a matrix of 80Ám pitch hexagonal pixels used as charge collecting pads and directly connected to the underneath electronics chain which has been realized using the remaining five layers of the 0.35Ám VLSI technology. In this way gas detectors performances approach solid state device standards in terms of spatial resolution (~30Ám) and rate capibility (a few MHz/mm2). Results from tests on a first prototype of such detector with 2k pixels and on its further implementation to 22k pixels are presented. An application of this device for Astronomical X-Ray Polarimetry is discussed.
Download: pdf file (8.9Mb)

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