I. Giomataris

" MICROMEGAS: results and prospects "

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A lot of effort has been invested in the development of the Microstrip Gas Chamber (MSGC) in order to be used as tracker for the LHC project. This technique allows good localization accuracy and double track resolution. However, it is necessary to operate it with a relatively low gas gain because of the presence of the insulator near the amplification region and because of the fragility of the structure. Recently a new preamplification structure, called GEM has been introduced which can give an additional gas gain, and compensates the lack of gain of the original MSGC. Other concepts of novel proportional counters have been proposed recently: CAT, MICRO-DOT. A review of recently developed gaseous detectors can be found in reference. MICROMEGAS is a high gain gaseous detector, which can stand up alone without a need of an additional preamplification. It combines high accuracy, high rate capability, excellent timing properties and robustness. These results were confirmed by a similar structure having wider amplification gap and thicker metallic grid.

Last modified: 14 Dec 1999, Jochen.