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Beam Instrumentation Workshop '98

Preliminary Conference Proceedings

This page contains links to the preliminary version of the 1998 Beam Instrumentation Workshop (BIW98) conference proceedings. The final version of these proceedings is being published by the American Institute of Physics as Conference Proceeding 451. For more information regarding this and other conference proceedings published by AIP, see the AIP site.

All papers, including the summaries, are presented in Portable Document Format (PDF). To view or print them, you will need to use a PDF viewer. Acrobat Reader, a free viewing program, is available from Adobe Systems, Inc.

Hofmann Beam Diagnostics and Applications
Jung Image Sensor Technology for Beam Instrumentation
Lorenz Cavity Beam Position Monitors
Makdisi Measuring the Proton Beam Polarization
Sinclair Electron Beam Polarimetry
Invited Papers
Carwardine Real-Time Orbit Feedback at the APS
Fisher, A. S. Instrumentation and Diagnostics for PEP-II
Gilpatrick Techniques for Intense-Proton-Beam Profile Measurements
Peters A Cryogenic Current Comparator for the Absolute Measurement of nA Beams (Faraday Cup Award)
Shea RHIC Instrumentation
Contributed Papers - Talks
Adolfson Alignment Measurement of an X-Band Accelerator Structure Using Beam Induced Dipole Signals
(abstract only, paper not available)
Decker Fundamental Limits on Beam Stability at the Advanced Photon Source
Ghigo DAFNE Beam Instrumentation
Graves A High-Resolution Electron Beam Profile Monitor and Its Applications
Lumpkin Linac-Beam Characterizations at 600 MeV Using Optical Transition Radiation Diagnostics
Lumpkin First Multi-GeV Particle-Beam Measurements Using a Synchroscan and Dual-Sweep X-ray Streak Camera
Powers Improvement of the Noise Figure of the CEBAF Switched Electrode Electronics BPM System
Rojsel Experiences of the QSBPM System on MAX II
Schmickler/Cocq The Measurement of Chromaticity via a Head-Tail Phase Shift
Shafer Laser Diagnostic for High Current H- Beams
Tenenbaum Studies of Beam Position Monitor Stability
Teytelman Beam Diagnostics Based on Time-Domain Bunch-by-Bunch Data
Vismara From Narrow to Wide Band Normalization for Object and Trajectory Measurements
Yang Characterizing Transverse Beam Dynamics at the APS Storage Ring Using a Dual-Sweep Streak Camera
Contributed Papers - Posters
Ahle Gated Beam Imager for Heavy Ion Beams
Ball Diagnostics Used in Commissioning the IUCF Cooler Injector Synchrotron
Barsotti Beam Position Monitors for the Fermilab Recycler Ring
Blokland Main Injector Synchronous Timing Sytem
Cameron Polarized Beam as the Pump in a Parametric Amplifier
(abstract only, paper not available)
Codner CESR Feedback System Using a Constant Amplitude Pulser
Dietrich Broadband FFT Method for Betatron Tune Measurements in the Acceleration Ramp at COSY-Jülich
Dietrich On-line Phase Space Measurement with Kicker Excitation
Fellenz An Improved Resistive Wall Monitor
Fisher, A. S. Streak-Camera Measurements of the PEP-II High-Energy Ring
Fitzgerald BPM Testing, Analysis, and Correction
Hettel Investigation of Beam Alignment Monitor Technologies for the LCLS FEL Undulator
Houck Diagnostics for a 1.2 kA, 1 MeV, Electron Induction Injector
Hsu Diagnostics Development in SRRC
Jankowiak The DELTA Beam-Based BPM Calibration System
Johnson, E. Periscope Pop-In Beam Monitor
Johnson, R Performance of the Beam Position Monitor System for the SLAC PEP-II B Factory
Khan Longitudinal and Transverse Feedback for BESSY-II
Kim Optimization of Four-Button BPM Configuration for Small-Gap Beam Chambers
Lill Advanced Photon Source Monopulse rf Beam Position Monitor Front-End Upgrade
Lorenz/Kamps New Microwave Beam Position Monitors for the TESLA Test Facility–FEL
Marcellini Design of a Tapered Stripline Fast Faraday Cup for Measurements on Heavy Ion Beams: Problems and Solutions
Mazahari Development of Nanometer Resolution C-Band Radio Frequency Beam Position Monitors in the Final Focus Test Beam
(abstract only, paper not available)
Medvedko A Machine Protection Beam Position Monitor System
Merl Design of the Digitizing Beam Position Limit Detectors
Mohos 500 MHz Narrowband Beam Position Electronics for Electron Synchrotrons
Moritz Diamond Detectors with Subnanosecond Time Resolution for Heavy Ion Spill Diagnostic
Piller 1 nA Beam Position Monitor
(abstract only, paper not available)
Pinayev System for the Control and Stabilizing of OK-4/Duke FEL Optical Cavity
Power The Design and Initial Testing of a Beam Phase and Energy Measurement for LEDA
Prabhaker Commissioning Experience from PEP-II HER Longitudinal Feedback
Rose Test Results of the LEDA Beam-Position/Intensity Measurement Module
Ross/Field Wire Breakage in SLC Wire Profile Monitors
Sannibale and
Di Pirro
The DAFNE Luminosity Monitor
Schneider Beam Current Monitors at the UNILAC
Sereno Calibration of an Advanced Photon Source Linac Beam Position Monitor Used for Positron Position Measurement of a Beam Containing Both Positrons and Electrons
Shurter An Automated BPM Characterization System for LEDA
Smith/Balmer Diagnostic and Protection Systems for the Daresbury SRS Upgrade
Stege Beam Jitter and Quadrupole Motion in the Stanford Linear Collider
Stella Beam Position Monitor System of DAFNE
Suwada Beam Position Monitor System for the KEKB Injector Linac
Traller A Two-Bunch Beam Position Monitor Performance Evaluation
Wilmarth Radiation Safety System (RSS) Backbone: Design, Engineering, Fabrication and Installation
Ye The Calibration of BEPC Position Monitors
Summaries of Discussion and Closeout Sessions


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