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CERNLIB: CERN Program Library
A large collection of general purpose libraries and modules offered in both source code and object code forms from the CERN central computing division. Provides programs applicable to a wide range of physics research problems such as general mathematics, data analysis, detectors simulation, data-handling, etc. Also includes links to commercial, free, and other software.
A collection of software and information about software useful in high-energy physics. Searching can be done by title, subject, date acquired, date updated, or by browsing an alphabetical list of all packages.
Fermilab's software tools program provides a repository of Fermilab-developed software packages of value to the HEP community. Permits searching for packages by title or subject category.
GRID Physics Network
The GriPhyN Project is developing grid technologies for scientific and engineering projects that collect and analyze distributed, petabyte-scale datasets. Provides links to project information such as documents, education, workspace, virtual data toolkits, Chimera and Sphinx, as well as people, activities and news and related projects.
Particle Physics Data Grid
The Web site for the U.S. collaboration of federal laboratories and universities to build a worldwide distributed computing model for current and future particle and nuclear physics experiments.

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