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Review of Particle Physics (RPP)
A biennial comprehensive review summarizing much of the known data about the field of particle physics produced by the international Particle Data Group (PDG). Includes compilations and evaluation of data on particle properties, summary tables with best values and limits for particle properties, extensive summaries of searches for hypothetical particles, and a long section of reviews, tables, and plots on a wide variety of theoretical and experimental topics of interest to particle physicists and astrophysicists. The linked table of contents provides access to particle listings, reviews, summary tables, errata, indices, etc. The current printed version is W.-M. Yao, et al., J. Phys., G 33 (2006) 1-1232.
Particle Physics Booklet
Although this booklet is produced in print only and has no online access, it is included in this Guide because it is one of the most useful summary sets of physics data available. Its small size and ease of ordering from the Particle Data Group make it one of the most useful, and most frequently-used, tools for particle physicists.
A pocket-sized 300-page booklet containing data abstracted from the most recent edition of the full Review of Particle Physics. Includes summary tables and abbreviated versions of some of the other sections. Contains useful plots and figures.  Order a copy from the PDG Products web page.
Computer-Readable Files
Currently available from the PDG: Tables of masses, widths, and PDG Monte Carlo particle numbers and cross-section data, including hadronic total and elastic cross sections vs laboratory momenta, and total center-of-mass energy. The PDG Monte Carlo particle numbering scheme has been updated for the recent edition of the RPP and are also available as a MobileDB database. Palm Pilot products include physical constants, astrophysical constants and particle properties. These files are updated in even-numbered years coinciding with the production of the Review of Particle Properties.
HEPDATA: Reaction Data Database
A part of the HEPDATA databases at University of Durham/RAL, this database is compiled by the Durham Database Group (UK) with help from the COMPAS Group (Russia) for the PDG. Contains numerical values of HEP reaction data such as total and differential cross sections, fragmentation functions, structure functions, and polarization measurements from a wide range of experiments. Updated at regular intervals. Provides data reviews which contain precompiled reviewed data such as "Structure Functions in DIS", "Single Photon Production in Hadronic Interactions", and "Drell-Yan Cross Sections".
NIST Physics Laboratory
This unit of the National Institute of Standards and Technology provides measurement services and research for electronic, optical, and radiation technologies. Three sub-pages, on Physical Reference Data, on Constants, Units & Uncertainty, and on Measurements & Calibrations, are extremely useful. Additional links to other physical properties and data of tangential interest to particle physics are also available from this page.

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