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CERN Articles & Preprints
The CERN document server contains records of more than 700,000 CERN and non-CERN articles, preprints, theses. Includes records for CERN Yellow Reports, internal and technical notes, and official CERN committee documents. Provides access to full text of the documents for about 50 percent of the entries and to the references when available.
ECONF: Electronic Conference Proceedings Archive
This site offers a fully electronic, Web-accessible archive for the proceedings of scientific conferences in High-Energy Physics and related fields. Conference editors can use the site tools to prepare and post an electronic version of their proceedings. Librarians and other indexers can download metadata from each proceedings. Researchers can browse an entire proceedings via a table of contents or search for papers through a link to the SPIRES HEP Database which indexes the EConf contents.
HEP Database (SPIRES)
Contains over 700,000 bibliographic records for particle physics articles, including journal papers, preprints, e-prints, technical reports, conference papers and theses. Comprehensively indexed with multiple links to full text as well as links to author and institutional information. Covers 1974 to the present with substantial older materials added. Updated daily with links to electronic texts, Durham Reaction Data, Review of Particle Properties, etc. Searchable by citation, by all authors and authors' affiliations, title, topic, report number, citation (footnotes), e-print archive number, date, journal, etc. A joint project of the SLAC and DESY libraries with the collaboration of Fermilab, Durham University (UK), KEK, Kyoto University, and many other research institutions and scholarly societies.
This Joint Accelerator Conference website is organizes by the editorial boards of the Asian, European and American Particle Accelerator Conferences and the COOL, CYCLOTRONS, DIPAC, FEL, ICALEPCS, ICAP, ICFA ABDW, LINAC, RuPAC and SRF conferences.  It contains the full text of all the papers of these accelerator conferences.
KEK Library Preprints and Reports Database
KEK Library preprint and technical report database. Contains bibliographic records of preprints and technical reports held in the KEK library with links to the full text images of more than 100,000 papers scanned from their worldwide collection of preprints. E-Print Archive
The's automated electronic repository of full text papers in physics, mathematics, computer, and nonlinear sciences and cosmology and quantitative biology. Papers, called pre-prints or e-prints, are usually sent by their authors to arXiv in advance of submission to a journal for publication. Primarily covers 1991 to the present but authors are encouraged to post older papers retroactively. Permits searching by author, title, and keyword in abstract. Allows limiting by subfield archive or by date.
NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)
The ADS Abstract Service provides a search interface for four bibliographic databases covering: Astronomy and Astrophysics, Instrumentation, Physics and Geophysics, Science Education, and arXiv Preprints. Contains abstracts from articles and monographs as well as conference proceedings.
Directory of Mathematics Preprint and e-Print Servers
Provides the current home page and email contacts for mathematical preprint and e-print servers throughout the world.

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