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Contains more than 2,200 past, present, and future experiments in elementary particle physics. Lists both accelerator and non-accelerator experiments. Includes official experiment name and number, location, spokespersons and collaboration lists. Simple searches by: participant, title, experiment number, institution, date approved, accelerator, or detector, return a result that fully describes the experiment, including a complete list of authors, title, description of the experiment's goals and methods, and a link to the experiment's Web page if available. Publication lists distinguish articles in refereed journals, theses, technical or instrumentation papers, and those which make the Topcite at 50+ subsequent citations or more.
Cosmic Ray/Gamma Ray/Neutrino and Similar Experiments
This is an extensive collection of experimental Web sites organized by focus of study and also by location. Additional sections link to educational materials, organizations and related Web sites, etc. Maintained at the Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics by Konrad Bernlöhr.

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