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July 29, 2016                                                      16-29

  2015. 10p.
  By Matthew H. Seaberg (Ecole Normale Superieure and SLAC), Alexandre
  D'Aspremont (Ecole Normale Superieure), Joshua J. Turner (SLAC)


PPF (Preprints in Particles and Fields) is a list of high-energy physics preprints received during the previous week at the SLAC Library. To obtain a copy of an item on this list, check your own preprint library or write directly to the authors. For e-prints you may also download a TeX version from appropriate archive, or get a postscript version from the server.

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Many preprints ('e-prints') are now available from the on the web. They are identified by the archive name and number. For the e-prints in this list, you may display abstracts by choosing appropriate Abstract and Paper pointers. When you open an abstract, you are given further options. If you are accessing WWW with a graphical browser, you may be able to view the entire paper by selecting Postscript. Do not use this option with a line browser or a browser that does not handle postscript. Instead, obtain a TeX source from the appropriate archive and process it yourself.

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