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The Stanford Two-Mile Accelerator, "The Blue Book"


March 20, 2007


After much due diligence by Abraham Wheeler, of the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center Research Library, The Linear Two-Mile Accelerator edited by R.B. Neal and published by W.A. Benjamin, Inc. (later purchased by Pearson/Prentice Hall), 1968, is considered to be an orphaned work and with no information forthcoming, beyond that the book appears abandoned, (Lauren K. Schoenthaler, Senior University Counsel, Stanford University, Office of the General Counsel, 8/1/06), we are digitizing it for Public access.


As additional support of this, Doug Dupen, SLAC’s copyright expert in 1968 states:


….at that time, Federal Regulations in the matter of copyright of government-sponsored research data were clear and were understood both by Benjamin and by SLAC. The substance, the staff writings (the text), and the laboratory-provided illustrations were in the public domain and thus not copyrightable. Benjamin's copyright covers only the "presentation" of the material -- the page layout, the organization, and the format.  I have no reason to believe that such is not still the case.”


Ann Redfield

Library Manager

SLAC Research Library

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