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Archives, History & Records Office

Hours: By appointment Monday-Friday during regular work hours.


Archives E-mail: slacarc[@]
RM E-mail: recordsmgt[@]
Phone: (650)926-3091
Post: SLAC Archives and History Office, M/S 82, 2575 Sand Hill Road, Menlo Park, CA 94025.

Office Location: Bldg.50, Rm.122


Record: a specific piece of recorded information generated, collected, or received in the initiation, conduct, or completion of an activity, and that comprises sufficient content, context, and structure to provide proof or evidence of that activity. At SLAC, a record is broadly defined as documentary material, in any media, that is created or received in the normal course of laboratory business, is worth preserving, either temporarily or permanently, because it provides evidence of the organization's policies, procedures, activities, and decisions and has technical, administrative, historical, and/or legal value. SLAC records cannot be destroyed unless they are covered by a records schedule which indicates the authorized point at which they can be legally destroyed. Please see the list of archival material that is of interest to the SLAC Archives and History Office. 

Non-records: Nonrecords are copies of documents maintained in more than one location or materials available from public sources, which can be disposed of at the discretion of the user. Please see the list of non-archival material compiled by the SLAC Archives and History Office. 

Personal and professional papers: Personal and professional papers are documentary materials (in any media) of a private or nonpublic nature that do not relate to or have an effect upon the conduct of SLAC business. A good source for information on this topic is the AIP webpage about scientific source materials

Accession: a group of records or archives from the same source taken into the Archives at the same time.

Records series: Record series are units of files or documents arranged according to a filing system or kept together because they: 

  • Relate to a particular subject or function 
  • Result from the same activity 
  • Document a specific kind of transaction 
  • Take a particular physical form 
  • Or have some other relationship arising out of their creation, receipt, or use (such as restrictions on access or use
Records schedule: Records schedules are lists of records by name or type that authorize their disposition. The SLAC Archives and History office uses a number of schedules

Cubic foot: a standard holdings measure. Records occupying a space 12"x12"x12". A standard archives carton is actually not cubic foot but is said to be a "cubic foot."


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  • Berkeley Lab Archives and Records Office website
  • SLAC Archives Program Review

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