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The Summer Studies

Project M/SLAC convened three summer studies in the early 1960s. The summer studies brought together physicists from other institutions to study a topic related to the proposed two-mile electron linear accelerator. The first one was held in 1960 to study problems related to the design of target facilities. The second and third summer studies, 1962 and 1963, studied aspects of the prospective experimental use. Not only did the summer studies help shape the development of the facilities, they helped shape the leadership of the lab. Ballam, Perl, Ritson, and Schwartz, who all initially came from other institutions as part of a summer study, went on to become group leaders at SLAC.

In 1965 another summer study was held to examine the problems of beam stability in storage rings. It brought together representatives of most of the laboratories in the world then engaged in high-energy storage ring design, construction, or operation. The study concluded that high-energy electron-positron storage rings were feasible and that several modes of operation would allow the required high luminosities to be achieved.

The process was repeated again in the 1970s with PEP Summer Studies.

  • 1960 Report M-200 Some Aspects of Target Area Design for the Proposed Stanford Two-Mile Linear Electron Accelerator
    • Report M-200-1. D.M. Ritson. Note on the Feasibility of Electron Beam Stretchers.
    • Report M-200-2A. Jul. 1960. D.M. Ritson. High-Energy Secondary Beams.
    • Report M-200-3A. Jul. 1960. D.M. Ritson. Pure Electromagnetic Pair Production Yields for mu Mesons.
    • Report M-200-4. Jun. 1960. J. Cassels. Monochromatic Photons at GeV Energies from Positron Annihilation.
    • Report M-200-5. J. Cassels. Electron-Proton Scattering in the GeV Range.
    • Report M-200-6. Jul. 1960 S. Penner. Note on Power Dissipation from Collimators and Targets for High-Energy, High Power Electron Beams.
    • Report M-200-7A. Aug. 1960. S.D. Drell. Production of Particle Beams at Very High Energies.
    • Report M-200-8. J. Ballam. Computation of Secondary Particle Yields from High-Energy Electron Accelerators.
    • Report M-200-9. J. Ballam, Bubble Chamber Experiments With A 25-BeV Electron Linear Accelerator.
    • Report M-200-10. Aug. 1960. S. Penner. Spectrometer for 10-BeV Electron Scattering.
    • Report M-200-11. recd Aug. 1960. S. Penner. 20-BeV Secondary Pion Beam.
    • Report M-200-12. Aug. 1960. S. Penner. Quadruple Focusing Systems for Particles of Very Large Momenta.
    • Report M-200-13. S. Penner. Electron Beam Deflection Systems for the Monster.
    • Report M-200-14. Nov. 1960. B. Cork. General Design Principles of the Experimental Areas for Project M.
    • Report M-200-15. R.W. Kenney. Some Consideration in the Design of a Target Area for Photon Beam Experiments.
    • Report M-200-16. B. Cork. A Proposed Experiment to Measure the Magnetic Moment of the Antiproton.
    • Report M-200-17. Dec. 1960. W.K.H. Panofsky. Estimates of Neutrino Fluxes From M.
  • 1962 SLAC-R-005 Some Aspects of the Prospective Experimental Use of the Stanford 2-Mile Accelerator
    • SLAC-R-005-A. J.W. DeWire. Photon beam from Project M Accelerator.
    • SLAC-R-005-B. D.B. Lichtenberg. Conjectures on the effects of Regge Poles on Drell Processes.
    • SLAC-R-005-C. M. Schwartz. A proposed method to search for intermediate bosons and heavy leptons.
    • SLAC-R-005-D. G. Trilling. Kinematic calculations to determine yields of particles arising from the decays of short-lived intermediate states.
    • SLAC-R-005-E. G. Trilling. The use of hydrogen bubble chambers at SLAC.
    • SLAC-R-005-F. W. Chinowsky. Some considerations on bubble chamber experiments with M.
    • SLAC-R-005-G. M. Perl. Strong interaction physics with spark chambers.
    • SLAC-R-005-H. M. Perl. Spark chamber detection system for 3-Bev storage ring.
    • SLAC-R-005-I. J. Tinlot. A storage ring for 10-Bev mu mesons.
    • SLAC-R-005-J. G. Masek. -beams with M and their application to -p elastic scattering experiments.
    • SLAC-R-005-K. J.J. Murray. Mass analysis at high energy.
  • 1963 SLAC-R-025 Summer Study Report, Part One. K. Berkelman et al, Part Two. L. Hand and R. Wilson
    • SLAC-R-025-A. D.B. Lichtenberg. Comparison of estimated pion fluxes at the AGS with pion fluxes expected at SLAC.
    • SLAC-R-025-B. G. Feldman. A charge and isotopic spin analysis on the weak interactions.
    • SLAC-R-025-C. D.B. Isabelle. Beam current monitors for a high energy linac.
    • SLAC-R-025-D.J. Pine. Positron beam from the SLAC accelerator.
    • SLAC-R-025-E. G.R. Bishop. Considerations of the use of monochromatic photon beams.
    • SLAC-R-025-F. C. de Vries. Elastic e-p kinematics for SLAC.
    • SLAC-R-025-G. C. de Vries. Statistical fits to electron-proton and electron-deuteron cross sections.
    • SLAC-R-025-H. C. de Vries. Possibilities with a 2 BeV/c spectrometer for electron-proton scattering at SLAC energies.
    • SLAC-R-025-I. C. de Vries. Electron-proton scattering at 180.
    • SLAC-R-025-J. K. Berkelman. Electron scattering at 20 GeV.
    • SLAC-R-025-K. R. Wilson. Elastic electron-proton scattering choice of angles and energies.
    • SLAC-R-025-L. R. Wilson. Photoproduction of pairs and e pairs at SLAC.
    • SLAC-R-025-M. J. Mathews. Pair production of vector bosons in the Coulomb field of a nucleus.
    • SLAC-R-025 Part II Section A. L. Hand and R. Wilson Inelastic electron-proton, positron-proton, and muon-proton scattering.
    • SLAC-R-025 Part II Section B L. Hand, Electroproduction at SLAC.
  • 1965 SLAC-R-049 Storage Ring Summer Study, 1965, On Instabilities in Stored Particle Beams, A Summary Report. B. Richter, M. Sands, A.M. Sessler
    • SLAC-R-049 Report 1. B. Richter and M. Sands. Introduction.
    • SLAC-R-049 Report 2. A.M. Sessler, Conclusions of the study.
    • SLAC-R-049 Report 3. P.L. Morton and A.M. Sessler. The longitudinal wake fields of a pulse of charge moving down a straight pipe of circular cross section with finite conductivity.
    • SLAC-R-049 Report 4. L.J. Laslett and A.M. Sessler. The asymptotic perturbation field of a longitudinally bunched beam within a rectangular pipe with resistive walls.
    • SLAC-R-049 Report 5. K.W. Robinson. The wake fields of a charged particle traveling in a vacuum chamber with resistive walls
    • SLAC-R-049 Report 6. E. Courant and A.M. Sessler. Transverse coherent instability of bunched beams.
    • SLAC-R-049 Report 7. M. Allen, M. Lee, and J. Rees. The transverse stability of ultra-relativistic multiple-bunched beams.
    • SLAC-R-049 Report 8. L.J. Laslett. The influence of dielectric media on the electromagnetic fields of a coasting beam in a straight rectangular pipe.
    • SLAC-R-049 Report 9. R. Briggs, V.K. Neil, and A.M. Sessler. Media effects on the electromagnetic fields of a coasting beam in a straight pipe of circular cross section.
    • SLAC-R-049 Report 10. C. Pellegrini. Theory of coherent bunch motion in electron-positron storage rings.
    • SLAC-R-049 Report 11. K.W. Robinson. Longitudinal resistive instability for an azimuthally bunched beam.
    • SLAC-R-049 Report 12. E. Keil. Incoherent beam blow-up in colliding beams.
    • SLAC-R-049 Report 13. M. Hine. One-dimensional computations of particle trajectories in colliding beams.

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