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A fundamental particle with the same quantum numbers as the photon, but with a mass of 91.16 GeV. Like the W- and W+ particles, the Z is a carrier of the electroweak force. Discovered at CERN in 1983, the production and study of this neutral intermediate boson is the object of the SLC.
Z Location
Any SLC device has a Z location in meters (longitudinal distance from some reference point). The reference point for the SLC system is at the beginning of sector 1 (CID has negative numbers). For example, QUAD 111 (the first magnet in sector 1) has a Z position of 0.8000000 meters).
Z Per Hour
See ZPH.
Zeroth-Order Design Report (NLC).
ZonEd Proportional scintillation in Liquid Noble gases. (UK)
The Greek letter (Z) used for the chromatic aberration function.
an experiment conducted using the HERA collider.
Hypothetical, highly exotic source capable of accelerating particl es to1 ZeV.
Originally, Zettabyte File System. A Solaris file system that mana ges physical storage with storage pools.
Zero Gradient Synchrotron (Argonne).
Package that provides an interface to the standard gzip compression algorithm for other FSW subsystems that use this compression scheme.
  Glast Category: FSW, package
Z Per Hour. A measurement of SLC luminosity, or Z production rate.
Indicates the last time a magnet standardization was lost. A database secondary.
Zero Waste Program.

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