SLD Matrix for PAWN

Schedule Item Item Number Disposition Instructions Record Set Categories Category Description
Level 1 Research and Devlopment Project Case Files N1-434-96-9, Item 1. A. 1. Permanent. Cutoff after project/program completion,cancellation, or termination, or in 5 year blocks. Retire to FRC 2 years after termination of project/program. Transfer to NARA 30 years after termination of project/program. SLD Experiment Case File Experiment personnel administration Includes list of SLD Institutes, Collaborators list, Mug-shot gallery
        Communications Includes general news and the bulletin board
Committee Reports Committee reports
        Publications and Notes Includes SLD Publications and Notes, SLD Draft Publications up to 1999, SLD Notes, Putting a New Spin on Particle Physics
Working Group Records Includes SLD Physics Analyses Web Pages, Unified Physics Meeting Archives, and records of the QCD Working Group, Heavy Flavors Group: B Mixing and Lifetimes, and Electroweak Group: Tau Group
        Meeting Papers and Talks Includes Papers and presentations from SLD Summer Conferences, Collaboration Meetings, and Special Meetings
Supporting Technical Information Includes News-VTX Updates and News - MC farm updates
        Data Includes experimental datasets
        Computer Code Documentation Includes SLD Software Information, Subsystem code: Vertex Detector Offline Documentation, Subsystem code: Calorimetry