rg Record Group Number NARA-assigned number designating cognizant/originating organization. variable no yes  434 (DOE); 255 (NASA) 
agency Agency Entity responsible for making the resource available variable no yes USDOE; USNASA  
ref Reference provided by Organization responsible for providing reference service on the subject record/resource fixed no yes SLAC AHO, 2575 Sand Hill Road MS82, Menlo Park CA 94025. PH:650-926-3091.FX:650-926-5371,EMAIL slacarc@slac.stanford.edu 
org Organization Entity responsible for making creating the resource fixed yes yes Stanford Linear Accelerator Center  
  div Division Division of SLAC that created the resource variable no yes BSD (Business Services Div.), ESH (ES&H Div.), KIPAC, RD (Research Div/), SSRL, TD (Technical Div.), 
  group Group Group of SLAC that created the resource variable yes yes ex. GLAST, GROUP A, KIPAC, SLD, TIS, etc.   
  creator Creator Entity primarily responsible for making the content of the resource.  (Person or collaboration) variable yes yes
  owner Owner Entity responsible for making contributions to the content of the resource.  variable yes no Lname, Fname.  
  slacdescr SLAC Series Description Free-text account of the record/resource variable no yes Title (if any), Author (if any). Event name. Type of record/resource.
  begdate Beginning date Date record/resource was originated, or earliest known date variable no yes yyyy, mo/da/yyyy, unknown  
  lastmod Last modification Date record/resource was last modified variable no yes yyyy, mo/da/yyyy, unknown
  root Root URL Root url of the tree on which the subject record / resource originally resided variable no    www-sldnt.slac.stanford.edu/hepvis  [2 levels down]  
  series Series Designatior Unique identifier within a record group for a series variable no yes Email, Experimental Data, Graphics, Talks, Web pages
schedule DOE Schedule Item Number Alpha-numeric reference to disposition schedule item relevant to the record/resource in question.  variable no yes ex. N1-434-96-9/1A1  
doedescr DOE Schedule Item Description Narrative description of disposition schedule item relevant to the record/resource in question variable no yes Use keywords, spell out acronyms
retention DOE Retention Retention period designated by DOE Schedule variable no yes ex. Permanent  
access Access Restriction Status Limitations on use of record/resource designated in disposition schedule or by record/resource creator variable no yes Open, Restricted, Restricted until (list qualifying event or date)
use Use Restriction Status Indicates whether restriction status has been verified variable no yes Yes or No  
  savedas Saved As Short file name assigned during web crawl that harvested the record / resource variable no yes was called CrawledName 
entryno Entry Number A unique identifier assigned by the SLAC Archives  variable no yes    
  url File location Original URL of the record / resource variable no no
filename File Name Name or title given to the record / resource variable no yes ex. SLD Talks  
descrtype Description Type Series fixed no yes Series
descrauth Description Author Name of individual responsible for writing the SLAC Series Description variable no yes Lname, Fname.  
  descrdate Description date Date SLAC Series Description was completed variable no yes mo/da/yyyy
copy  Copy status Indicates what type of copies of the record/resource have been made.  variable no yes Preservation, Reproduction, Reference  
dcmi.type Type of electronic entity Dublin Core Metadata Initiative terms for the nature or genere of  the content of the resource variable yes yes Collection, Dataset, Event, Image, InteractiveResource, MovingImage, PhysicalObject, Service, Software, Sound, StillImage, Text
  format Format Physical or digital manifestation of the record/resource variable yes yes jpg, gif, tiff, doc, xls, pdf, (etc)  
filesize File size Dimensions of file, incl. size and duration, if applicable variable no yes ###KB, ###MB, (etc) 
meastype Holdings Measurement Type Quantitative metric used for the subject record/resource variable no yes files, documents  
meascount Holdings Measurement Count Number of units of the measurement metric the subject record/resource represents variable no yes expressed as a number
storloc Storage location name of the storage location of the record/resource variable yes yes sfs-disk-pat listed in InQ under "Resource" column
stormed Storage media type Storage media used for the record/resource variable no no may not be known in all cases?
  remarks Remarks Administrative notes for use by staff variable no no free text