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Project M: The Beginning of SLAC 

The idea for a two-mile linear accelerator at Stanford University was conceived in 1956, proposed in 1957, and authorized by the United States Congress in 1961. Initially called "Project M," (for “Monster” or “Multi-BeV ”) and, for a short time, SLEAP (Stanford Linear Electron Accelerator Project), the venture proposed to study elementary particles with the largest instrument of its kind in the world; an accelerator distinguished by its length, high energy, and high current. The project was renamed "The Stanford Linear Accelerator Center" in August of 1960.

The Project Staff:

  • Office of the Project Director
  • Division of Administrative Services
    • R. H. Moulton, Jr., Associate Director
    • O. E. Snyder, Organization Planning
    • W. T. Kirk, Reports Editor
    • Mrs. Pam Langston and Miss Phyllis Brady, Staff Secretaries
  • Technical Division
    • R. B. Neal, Associate Director
    • Staff Specialists: I.L. Chu, K.G. Dedrick, R. Helm, K. Mallory
    • Mrs. Beverly Monks, Secretary
  • Division of Business Services
    • F.V.L. Pindar, Associate Director
    • Assistants: E. B. Rickansrud, W. Field, Paul Fihe (Inventions)
    • Mrs. Jane Post, Secretary
  • Plant Engineering Department
    • K. Copenhagen, Manager
    • Project Engineers
      • Civil: R. S Gould
      • Mechanical: L. Gallagher
      • Electrical: P.C. Edwards, C.B. Jones, K.R. Willson
      • Architect: W.A. Kinst
  • Accelerator Structures Department
    • R. B. Neal, Manager (Acting)
    • Accelerator Tube Department: A.L. Eldredge, L.E. Cain, J.A. Pope
    • Vacuum System: D.J. Goerz
    • Support and Alignment: K.C. Sandkuhle
  • Microwave Engineering Department
    • R. B. Neal, Manager (Acting)
    • Klystrons: J.V. Lebacqz, G. Beardsley, G.E. Mardinian, J. Meloni
    • Windows: J. Jasberg, R. Fowkes
    • Microwave Circuitry: G.A. Loew, D.J. Goerz, C.B. Williams
  • Instrumentation and Controls Design Department[correct title?]
    • K. Brown, Manager
    • Measurements and Local Control: K. Mallory, O. Kraus
    • Data Transmission and Distant Control: K Breymayer, T. Christie
  • Electronics Engineering Department
    • R. B. Neal, Manager (Acting)
    • Modulators: T.F. Turner, C. Sphar
    • Injection: G. Dome
  • Accelerator Design Department
    • R. B. Neal, Manager (Acting)
    • Mark IV Conversion and M Accelerator: D.J. Goerz, A. Crabtree, and Committee
  • Research Planning Department
    • R. F. Mozley, Manager
    • H. D. DeStaebler

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SLEAP Organization Chart 19 December 1960
(Click on image to view larger version in pdf.)

Project M in the News

  • 1960 Stanford Daily news articles about the Project.

Project M Memories:

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