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The Mark Family Photo Album

Mark I Accelerator Mark I accelerator: This historic photo, taken in about 1946, shows W.W. Hansen and three students carrying one of the first linear electron accelerator sections ever built at Stanford. We are indebted to Karl Brown for preserving this photograph. (SLAC slide 3)
Mark II Accelerator Mark II accelerator: Karl Brown at the klystron controls for the Mark II in 1949 or 1950. (arc490)
Mark III Accelerator Mark III accelerator:  An undressed section of the Mark III accelerator at Stanford (shown without its concrete shielding blocks) (arc32, SLAC slide 5)
Mark III Accelerator Mark IV accelerator: The Mark IV was designed as a vehicle for improving accelerator components, but was also used at times for beta-ray cancer therapy. (M938)
Mark I Detector Mark I detector: The Mark I Detector at SPEAR in 1978, with Roy Schwitters standing near its axis. This detector was used by the SLAC-LBL Collaboration to discover many new subatomic particles. (LBNL photo, GA4806, SLAC slide 784)
Mark II Detector Mark II detector: The Mark II detector at IR12 after the move from SPEAR to PEP. (Faust 428)
Mark III Detector Mark III detector: The Mark III detector was the third, general-purpose detector for high-energy physics experiments at SPEAR. (arc255c)


Chronology of the Mark family.

Gallery: Early Linacs (Symmetry; volume 02, issue 06; August 2005)

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