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Burton Richter, 1931 - 2018

Director Emeritus, Nobel Laureate in Physics, and Paul Pigott Professor of Physical Sciences Emeritus, Stanford University

Burton Richter, 1998 (arc00050)

Sasha Skrinsky, Burton Richter and W. K. H. Panofsky seated at table in front of blackboard, Novosibirsk, August 1986 (wkh292)

Professional and Biographical Information

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Richter Non-technical publications

  • Beyond Smoke and Mirrors: Climate Change and Energy in the 21st Century. Cambridge University Press, December 2010.
    APS Author Interview; YouTube Author Interview
  • How America can look within to achieve energy security and reduce global warming. Burton Richter et al. Oct 2008. Published in Rev.Mod.Phys.80:S1-S109,2008.
  • Reducing Proliferation Risk. Issues in Science and Technology, Fall 2008.
  • Nobel laureates know what they're talking about. B. Richter (SLAC) . Jul 2007. Published in Nature 448:408,2007.
  • Nuclear Power: A Status Report. Program on Energy and Sustainable Development Working Paper #58, September 2006
  • Using ethanol as an energy source. B. Richter (SLAC) . 2004. Published in Science 305:340,2004.
  • Preparing for terrorism. Burton Richter (SLAC) . Mar 2002. Published in Issues Sci. Technol.18:9-10,2002.
  • Dealing with terror. B. Richter (SLAC) . 2002. Published in Issues Sci.Technol.19:5, 2002.
  • The key: Reduce demand. Burton Richter (SLAC) . May 2001. LA Times Sunday, May 20, 2001.
  • For a list of SLAC newsletter articles written by Burton Richter, please consult the SLAC Popular Periodicals index.

Richter Technical publications

For a list of Professor Richter's Technical Publications, please go to inSPIRE HEP.

Publications about Richter

Richter Papers in the SLAC Archives, History & Records Office

Richter Papers deposited with the SLAC AHRO are processed. Download and search the Guide to Burton Richter Papers, 1952-1999 finding aid (125 pages -- requires a PDF reader) .

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Burton Richter 
receiving the E. O. Lawrence Award, February 1976 (arc546) Portrait, 1984 (arc544)    Burton Richter at B-Factory Dedication, 10/26/1998 (arc426)      

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